0410: *whimper* 0545: OK, this is silly. Starbuck's opened half an hour ago, the crazy guy shouting on the street is gone, it isn't raining, and I have grant proposals to write. 0615: I have found my shoe! 0745: Back from Starbucks; rain has started, but first draft of two-page proposal for follow-on work to Software Carpentry has been written, and I haven't misplaced any shoes. 1000: Spent an hour and a half with Jennifer and Karen talking to Stephen Edwards about Web-CAT. It's very cool, and parts of OLM would complement it nicely. 1030: Session on "Learning for Professionals" learning about the professional master's at Carnegie Mellon West, what new developers learn in their first year on the job (takeaway: most problems arise from inadequate communication skills), and parallel programming. 1200: Good discussion over lunch, followed by an hour of much-needed downtime. 1515: Another good discussion with Ray Bareiss about the Master's in Software Engineering at Carnegie-Mellon West. 1815: Off to the Rogue Brewery to hook up with Jonathan Schaeffer and others. 2045: Back to the hotel---as good as the beer is (and it's very good), I need sleep more.