Summer Plans for Software Carpentry

The Software Carpentry site is still getting a lot of traffic, despite my neglect: Site Usage This summer, I'd like to:
  1. Convert the site from static HTML pages to a wiki to make it easier for people to contribute content and fix bugs.
  2. Translate the examples into MATLAB to make them accessible to a larger audience. (Yes, Python is still my favorite language, and yes, the Python versions will remain---I just want it to be possible for the average mechanical engineer to follow the discussion of testing without first having to learn a new programming language).
  3. Add some of the material that I developed for CSC301: Introduction to Software Engineering, and some of what Titus Brown wrote for Intermediate and Advanced Software Carpentry.
The odds of all three happening are close to zero: my grad students are going to be in the middle of real research, we're hoping to have half a dozen or ten undergraduate interns as well, we have a "CS-1 in Python" book to finish for Pragmatic, and oh yeah, I'm getting married twice. If you want to help out, now would be a good time to raise your hand... :-)