Thunderbird and IMAP Folders

Dear Lazyweb, I'm using Thunderbird on Windows to read mail (which is IMAP'd on a Linux server). I'm also using Pine occasionally when I need to do something quickly over a slow connection (yes, those still exist). The problem is that if I create or delete folders in Pine, Thunderbird doesn't know about it. I can use "Subscribe..." from the File menu, but then I have to open up sub-folders one by one to find new folders to tick them off, which is annoying. What's even more annoying is going back and forth between a command-line view of my folders, and Thunderbird's view, in order to delete folders that no longer actually exist from Thunderbird's view of the world. I have browsed the help and googled the web to no avail. If you know how I can get Thunderbird to re-synch its view of what folders exist and don't, I'd be grateful for a ping. (Please note: I've tried editing the .mailboxlist file in my home directory on the Linux host --- no effect.) Thank you in advance, Greg