Midsummer Resolution

I've resolved to say "no" to at least one good idea each week. It's going to be hard---the world is full of fun things that need to be done, and I'd like to do 'em all---but I won't have any right to whine about there not being enough hours in the day if I don't start cutting stuff. Today, I said "no" to running a DemoCamp at SIGCSE'09. For those who haven't been, DemoCamp is like open mike night at your local pub, but for technical types: people give live five-minute demos of something new and exciting, and the audience gives feedback. SIGCSE is the big annual Computer Science education conference: more than a thousand people get together to talk about everything from what language to use in first year courses to how to measure teaching's impact on industrial practice. A lot of SIGCSE attendees build cool tools; giving half a dozen of them a chance to get up and show their stuff off seemed like a natural fit. But it would take organizing---lots of organizing, since it would be the first one---and that would take time away from the research I'm supposed to be doing, the students I'm supposed to be supervising, and the funding I ought to be chasing to support numbers one and two. So farewell, DemoCamp SIGCSE 2009---I'm sure it would have been fun, but getting DrProject into the Trac community is more important. *sigh* Why can't I give up eating beets instead?