Customer (Non)Support with Yahoo!

  1. Logged into Flickr to upload some pictures.
  2. The site tells me my premium account is going to expire in 6 days, and asks me if I want to buy another year.
  3. Go through the usual "confirm your card details" dance.
  4. After clicking the final submit, am told "Sorry, there is a temporary problem. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact Yahoo! Customer Care. (15)" (Their red, not mine.)
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 a few times.
  6. Call Yahoo! customer support to find out when Flickr's going to be up (and whether I've bought a dozen one-year accounts---I've had that happen before).
  7. Give the customer care associate (no, really, that's what they're called) my Yahoo! user ID, tell her what the problem is. Explain what Flickr is. Explain that Yahoo! runs it. Am asked for the last four digits of my credit card. Am then asked for the whole number. And my zip code. Explain that I'm in Canada. Provide my postal code. Am asked if I have any other postal codes. Am asked for my entire credit card number. Tell the customer care associate [tm] that I'm unwilling to hand that over just to find out when the site will be up (at this point, I've given up on finding out anything more). Am told that I can't be given that information until I hand over my credit card number. Go around that loop a couple of times before asking to be put through to a supervisor. Am told that I can't be put through to a supervisor until I hand over my credit card number. Go around that loop a couple of times, and then the customer care associate [tm] hangs up on me.
If anyone from Yahoo! find this:
  1. I made the call at about 8:55 pm on Wednesday, July 23, 2008, from a Toronto (area code 416) number.
  2. I now understand why the third link in a Google search for "yahoo! customer care" finds a complaint about your customer service.
  3. I now also understand why "Google" has become a verb, and "Yahoo!" has become an also-ran.
*sigh* Update: got a reply to my email query overnight (approx. 12 hours after submission). It suggested making sure I have cookies turned on, clearing my cookie cache, and turning my modem off and on again. Unsurprisingly, the problem persists...