Cluster Challenge Teams

Via Paul Lu (who is coaching the University of Alberta's team), a nice writeup on the teams competing in this year's Cluster Challenge:
...teams are made of...six of undergraduate students, a supervising professor and a partnering HPC vendor. The students will architect a machine with the support of their respective vendor organization...constrain[ed] to a single rack powered by two 120-volt, 20-amp circuits... The teams are required to run a series of standard applications and benchmarks [and are] judged on based on workload accomplishment, benchmark performance and the overall system architecture.
It's a pretty cool project, and it says a lot about the pace of change in our business that what was once a publication-worthy venture is now something that undergrads can do for fun. I wish all the teams the best of luck. And speaking of the University of Alberta, I'll be speaking there on Monday, November 24 --- look forward to seeing some old students and friends.