StartupEmpire: Wish I Had Been

The one-day StartupEmpire conference ran last Thursday, and by all accounts was a great success --- see Jevon's description for some details, and Osh Momoh's for a more jumbled but equally enthusiastic view. I wish I could have gone, but reading this from Jevon almost makes up for missing it:
The Student Volunteers. Wow, this was one of the most hard working and impressive group of folks we could have hoped for. They took the iniative as soon as they got there and filled in gaps we had left. From creating an ad-hoc system of responsibilities to a make-shift coat check, they handled it all and left me in awe. I'd hire these folks in a heartbeat. A few of them are involved with the upcoming Impact Conference, which looks fantastic.
Later: Jevon has posted a roundup of commentary...