A Rails Question

One of our project students has a weird problem with Rails --- if you have an answer (weird or otherwise), we'd like to hear from you.
  • I want to send an AJAX request to the server using POST.
  • Rails is supposed to handle parameter passing, placing all parameters in the params hash.
  • When I use Ajax.Request using POST, the variables that I'm passing are not reaching the params hash.
  • It works with GET though!
If I do:
render :text => request.inspect
I can see my POST parameters in @parameters in the request object, but somehow these aren't making it to my params hash. And here's the kicker: parameters pass just fine on my partner's laptop. So I've pinned it down to either a problem with my Rails installation, or a problem with my version of OLM. A complete purge and reinstall of Rails hasn't helped. Neither has a complete reload of the code from the repository. Later: problem solved --- it was Firebug's fault.