Today Was a Good Day

Today, the students in my CSC491 project course gave their end-of-term demos. Each team had 10 minutes to present their work to a mixed audience of students, faculty, and visitors from industry. It went very well---their talks were clear, their demos ran smoothly, and they handled questions well. For the record, we heard from:
  • Mike Conley and Geofrey Flores, who are rebuilding OLM on top of Ruby on Rails;
  • Fan Dong, who benchmarked the usability of three scientific workflow packages (Taverna, LONI, and Kepler);
  • Justin Foong, Vladimir Markin, and Teren Teh, who integrated Mozilla's Ubiquity natural language interface into Thunderbird;
  • AJ Guillon, who is building a mixed task- and data-parallel library for GPU programming;
  • Lenny Han and Can Zhang, who extended the Eclipse feature diagram plugin to create a WYSIWYG graphical refactoring tool;
  • Mohammad Jalali and Darren Jung, who extend the FlareFlow visual database query builder (and did some usability testing to see if their extensions actually made life easier);
  • Eddie Kang and Ben Kim, who created two graph layout plugins for a bioinformatics tool called Navigator;
  • Denis Pankratov and Jennifer Ruttan, who have been banging their heads against a wall of undocumented and/or flaky CDMA phone software;
  • Miles Thibault, who put together a business plan for a screen writing site; and
  • Kosta Zabashta, who built the mail and search components for our rewrite of DrProject on Django.
I'm really proud to have worked with them---they deserved all the applause they got. Pink Hippo