Counting Down to 0.2

As I’ve mentioned previously, we’re moving DrProject over to Django. Work started in September, and the second release is coming up soon. The schedule highlights some of the differences between doing development with full-time developers, and doing it with students who are working 1/5 or 1/4 time:

  • Friday March 20: feature freeze. Anything that adds functionality must be up on review board by the close of business. Anything that's posted in rough shape just to get it in, or without tests, will be rejected.
  • Friday April 3: code freeze. Integration, testing, and bug fixing must be wrapped up by the close of business.
  • Thursday April 9: release. We'll spend the week between code freeze and release tidying up, asking friends to test our installers and setup instructions, etc.

I’m pretty pleased with the state of the reworked code; looking forward to reactions from the rest of the world.