Season of Usabilitiy: Call for Projects and Participants

The 2009 Season of Usability Call for Projects is now open and available until April 15: OpenUsability Season of Usability is a series of sponsored student projects to encourage students of usability, user-interface design, and interaction design to get involved with Free/Libre/Open-Source Software (FLOSS). During a 3 month collaboration, students work together with an experienced usability mentor and key developers of the project to improve the user experience of a FLOSS application. The next Season of Usability student projects will start in May 2009. FLOSS Projects who would like to benefit from a usability student are encouraged to fill in our Call for Projects: After the Call for Projects is finished (April 15th), the usability mentors will get back to the FLOSS projects and start the selection process. Each mentor will decide for one project - based on the need for usability and the availability of a technical mentor in the project, and if a good task can be defined. Examples of successful Season of Usability tasks can be found on the Season of Usability website. The selected projects are published and students start to apply for them. Together with the technical mentor, a student is selected. In a kickoff meeting, the task scope is further defined and a road map is developed. Then, the actual project work begins (also see the time frame below). How can I register a project? We prepared a short questionnaire to register a project. We ask a few questions
  • about the project
  • about the acceptance of usability among project members
  • about the availability of developer resources
  • and finally, we'll ask for possible student project tasks.
People who register projects should know a project well enough to name a key developer who is willing to function as a technical mentor in the Season of Usability. What's the timeframe?
  • March 2009: Call for Project Participation. A call for participation is published via OpenUsability and other FLOSS-related media.
  • Beginning of April 2009: Project Selection. Usability mentors get in touch with projects they are interested in - they either bring their own one or pick one from the CfP. Possible topics for student projects are discussed, and the usability mentors finally decide for a project.
  • April 2009: Student Application Phase. The student project openings are published and students start to apply for specific projects.
  • End of April 2009: Student Selection. Usability mentors get in touch with the students who applied. After several cycles of job interviews, the mentors decide for a student.
  • End of May - August/September: Project Work. The actual scope of the task is defined and the project work starts.
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