Open Source Panel Event April 23

Leaders panel discussion - Toronto, Canada Open source has been accused of being anti-capitalist, the saviour of government, and a way of breaking vendor lock-in and saving money in a down economy. This panel discussion involving senior leaders from open source organizations will explore these themes and provide valuable insights. PLEASE NOTE: even if you cannot attend due to schedule conflict or geography, you can participate by submitting and voting on questions to be used by our moderator. Panellists:
  • Ingres CEO - Roger Burkhardt
  • Mozilla Executive Director - Mark Surman
  • Eclipse Executive Director - Mike Milinkovich
  • IBM Software Developer - Lawrence Mandel
A final panellist will be announced shortly. The panel will be chaired by Andrew Ross. Schedule: This event takes place on April 23, 2009 in Room 1101 of the Sanford Fleming Building at the University of Toronto. 19:00-19:30 - Networking, food & drinks provided 19:30-20:15 - Leaders panel 20:15-21:00 - Q&A session