OCE Discovery 2009

The OCE Discovery 2009 conference is happening May 11-12 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and the Department of Computer Science will have two booths on the floor highlighting several projects, including:
  1. Automated Ligand-Based Active Site (Abraham Heifets)
  2. ILoveSketch (Seok-Hyung Bae)
  3. Real-Time Point Cloud Alignment with a GPU (Anatoliy Kats)
  4. JSCOOP (Faraz Torshizi)
  5. SketchPad (Eron Steger)
  6. Using Language to Learn Structured Appearance Models (Mike Jamison)
  7. Precise Packet Generator (Monia Ghobadi)
  8. Spam Detection in IP Telephony (Alireza Sahraei)
  9. SnowFlock (Andres Lagar-Cavilla and Adin Scannell)
Prof. Yashar Ganjali and I will be there to answer questions on the department's behalf as well---look forward to seeing you.