Yay Amazon, Boo Canada Post

I ordered three books from Amazon last week. Parcel arrived this morning with a dent in one edge. Opened the box: two books are in good shape, one has a gash right through the back cover and 175 pages (and it's a hardcover book). Went downstairs to the Post Office outlet, was told, "Oh, sorry, um, no, that's not our responsibility." I assume she meant, not the responsibility of her outlet, but when I called the number she gave, I discovered that she meant it wasn't the responsibility of Canada Post---I accepted the parcel, so they're not responsible. (Yes, I pointed out that the box only had a dent, and asked how I could have checked the contents without opening it, which apparently is a de facto acceptance of the contents. You can guess how satisfactory the response was.) When I got back to my office, I went to Amazon.ca, clicked "Help", and filled in the customer support form to say, "Book damaged in transit, can you do anything for me?" 15 minutes later I had an email message saying that a replacement would be shipped today, could I please return the damaged book, they'd pay the postage, here's a label to print out to put on the package. So thank you, Amazon---excellent customer service, and I'll be back. And boo to you, Canada Post---I'm a passionate believer in public services, but "service" is exactly what you failed to provide once again. Footnote: one day later, I have the replacement book. Thanks, Amazon---I'll be back.