Link Stew

Falling... behind... again:
  • is an "online news source featuring the latest discoveries in science, engineering, the environment, health, and more from North America's leading research universities." The list of participating universities is impressive, and the signal-to-noise ratio has been pretty high so far (if you're a science geek like me, anyway). McGill seems to be the only Canadian university participating...
  • You've probably already seen William Kamkwamba's story; if not, take six minutes and watch the video.
  • Jon Udell interviewed Victoria Stodden last week on the subject of reproducible research---well worth a listen.
  • Interesting analysis by Nature of various countries' research footprints. The curve for China is particularly impressive.
  • How and why did Django become the most popular Python web programming framework? The story reveals a lot about how open source projects succeed and fail (and how much random chance plays a part).
  • The Opera (web browser) folks have created a Web Standards Curriculum for educators.
  • Who is Octan? How much are they contributing to climate change? Now you can find out...