Four Links

Email is down---strange how hard I find it to get started in the morning without my regular fix. While I'm waiting for someone to turn the firehose back on, here are four recent links:
  1. The Best Hand Painting Art Ever. Gosh, we're a creative species, aren't we?
  2. Ripley: Automatically Securing Web 2.0 Applications Through Replicated Execution. A new project at Microsoft Research that tries to prevent evildoers from subverting rich internet applications by duplicating execution server-side. Neat idea.
  3. The CIX Top 20. Lots of interesting companies here; lots of good ideas.
  4. The Go Programming Language. I'm underwhelmed: it's as if the last 20 years of programming language research hadn't happened. Now, Google backing Haskell... That would be interesting.