Want To Hire a CEO/CTO?

Posted on behalf of a friend from the University of Toronto who's about to finish his Master's. I've helped a lot of undergrads find jobs over the years; I'm curious to see what response there is to someone who has more experience than I do :-) With 20 years' experience as VP, CTO and COO in startups and high-growth companies, I bridge the worlds of technology and business. At my first company, as the head of development I created Electronics Workbench, widely acclaimed as an innovative product that perfectly meets customer needs. I then created and ran a products division that made it the most used circuit simulator in the world, distributed in 10 languages and 29 countries. In my startup, SEVENtwentyfour Inc., my technology won Microsoft's IMPACT Award as the Data Management Solution of the Year in High Performance Computing, beating over 2,300 other submissions worldwide. This technology success was matched on the business side. With over 2,000 Web services customers in 65 countries, the company was acquired by Brandimensions Ltd in 2005. Most recently, as a cloud computing researcher I'm completing my masters in computer science at the University of Toronto. I'm now ready for my next challenge. Some startups with strong technology lack the business sophistication needed for success. Other companies are hamstrung when their technology group lacks the productivity and innovation necessary to drive growth. If my passion and focus seem like a good fit for your organization, let's talk. -- Roy Bryant (roy@roybryant.net)