A few weeks ago, I asked for pointers to something that would translate 400-odd partial paper citations (usually just author names and paper titles) into full bibliography entries. So far, none of the proposed solutions have worked out:
  1. Bibsonomy's search only found 2 of the 10 papers I tried it on manually.
  2. JabRef did no better.
  3. CrossRef found none.
  4. The "possibly working Python script" for querying Google Scholar, and my home-grown attempts to do likewise, produced nothing but "your agent isn't allowed access" messages. (Yes, I've included all the same headers that Firefox sends when I do searches manually---doesn't make a difference. Google, they smart.)
  5. I didn't get cb2bib to run on Mac OS X. Admittedly, I only tried for ten minutes, but this isn't a critical path project for me.