Subtle Technologies Festival

13th Annual Subtle Technologies Festival Call for Submissions Deadline January 9, 2010 Festival Dates: June 3 --- 6, 2010 This year's Subtle Technologies Festival will explore sustainability through a critical multidisciplinary lens. We invite investigations of the role that decentralization, diversity and societal power dynamics play in our attempts at maintaining a sustainable future. We look forward to exploring multiple meanings of sustainability. We will be discussing the science and technology behind sustainable practices and design, the science behind the events and circumstances that have driven us to seek sustainable solutions, and the role the artist plays in deepening our understanding of these topics. For 12 years, Subtle Technologies has been an extremely multi-disciplinary festival: a place where artists, scientists, and other innovators inspire, inform and generate new concepts and tools. We encourage submissions from any discipline relevant to sustainability. Specifically, this year we are looking for proposals for:

  • presentations for the symposium
  • works for the exhibitions
  • video and film submissions for screenings
  • workshops and partners for collaborations
Some example areas of exploration in sustainability include:
  • political and historical perspectives
  • design and architectural practices
  • global warming science
  • climate change refugees
  • agriculture, water and other resource management
  • cultural preservation
  • material science
  • alternative energy systems
  • corporate responsibility
  • co-operatives and microfinance
  • biodiversity conservation
  • preservation of indigenous knowledge
  • the culture of consumption
Please make a submission on our website by January 9, 2010. Questions or comments: Jen Dodd (+1 (519) 572 2275,