Two More Thumbs Up

I blogged last week about Sahoo et al's paper on automated bug diagnosis and Gutiart et al's survey of performance management techniques for web apps. This week has brought two more good ones to my desk:
  1. Artzi, Dolby, Tip, and Pistoia: "Practical Fault Localization for Dynamic Web Applications". The authors have extended the Tarantula algorithm, which combines actual and symbolic execution, to produce a tool that can automatically localize 87% of faults in PHP applications to within 1% of all executed statements. Just imagine: if you can make it crash, the tool can cut the amount of code you have to examine by two decimal orders of magnitude almost nine times out of ten.
  2. Mitchell, Schonberg, and Sevitsky: "Four Trends Leading to Java Runtime Bloat." The authors, who work at IBM making Java run faster, explain how building software in layers leads to chronic performance problems. Technical but readable---I'm giving it to the students in my software engineering course.