YUI 3 Gallery Contest

YUI 3 Gallery Contest 2010 More about YUI3 YUI 3 is an JavaScript and CSS library originally developed (and still supported) by Yahoo! It powers Yahoo.com, Yahoo Search, and future versions of Yahoo Mail and other key sites. YUI addresses many of the same challenges as jQuery, but it takes a different approach -- lazy-loading and sandboxing are built in to everything you do in YUI 3, making it a good choice for scalable frontend development. The YUI 3 Gallery (http://yuilibrary.com/gallery/) provides a straightforward mechanism for you to contribute to this prominent open-source project, and now is a great time to make a contribution. If you submit a new module to the Gallery by March 22, 2010, under YUI's BSD license, you may be eligible to win a ticket to one of the premier web engineering conferences, JSConf, along with $500 from Expedia to help you get there. Why students should compete Contributing to the YUI 3 Gallery is easy if you know some JS and CSS. Several dozen modules already to serve as code-structure models, and there are many reasonably-scoped ideas for new modules that could be completed within a couple of weeks. The prize is fantastic -- JSConf has some of the best speakers in the industry, and this year's lineup is filled with compelling speakers. Win or lose, contributing a visible, enduring piece of code to a well-known OSS project is a fantastic learning experience and an activity that looks great on your resume going forward.