Apple Makes The Government Look Good

Maddie's third birthday party was today. After she went to bed, we uploaded all our pictures from our Canon into iPhoto on our MacBook, then selected the ones we liked best for upload to Flickr. Nothing seemed to happen---there was no network traffic, and nothing was showing up in my Flickr photostream---so I quick iPhoto and restarted. Guess what? All of the pictures had disappeared. They weren't in the iPhoto album, they weren't in the Flickr upload area, they were just... plain... gone. And of course, I'd clicked "delete from camera" when the upload from the Canon finished. And of course, what with it being an Apple product and all, iPhoto 8.1 doesn't save photos as plain files on disk for me to try to recover the old-fashioned way. I'm pretty angry with myself right now, but even angrier at Apple.