GSoC 2010

This year's Google Summer of Code students and projects have been posted---congratulations to them all. The list unfortunately doesn't specify which open source organizations the projects are with, or what schools the students are from, but we've had a few successes:
  • Mike Conley (University of Toronto, Canada): finishing off ReviewBoard's extensions framework
  • Chas Leichner (University of Arizona, USA): a "guided replay" extension for IDLE (I'm mentoring this one)
  • Ian Lienert (University of Toronto, Canada): a naive Bayes algorithm for classifying email in Thunderbird
  • Lori Lee (University of Toronto, Canada): phpMyAdmin UI cleanup
  • Christian Muise (University of Toronto, Canada): supercharging SymPy with assumptions and logic
  • Kevin Salvesen (currently University of Toronto, but heading home to Sweden): improving the reStructured Text WYSIWYG editor
  • Sarah Strong (University of Toronto, Canada): making the clipboard work like it's supposed to
  • Felipe Vieira (Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil): RSS feeds for FreeSeer
My apologies to anyone I missed, and best of luck to everyone involved.