More Software Carpentry Updates

For those who aren't following along:
  1. Testing invasion percolation (June 7)
  2. Making invasion percolation faster (June 8 )
  3. Reorganizing content (June 9)
  4. Interview with Scimatic and a new version of the concept map (June 10)
  5. Our introductory database lecture in 8 episodes (also June 10)
  6. Thoughts on teaching simple design patterns (June 11)
  7. Interviews with SHARCNET and the UK Met Office (also June 11)
  8. Measuring the usability of parallel programming systems (June 12)
  9. Interview with Queen Mary University of London (June 14)
  10. Glossary and license go online (June 15)
  11. The first lecture on regular expressions, which is really "is live coding worth it?" (June 16)
  12. A question about self-assessment (also June 16)
  13. A second try at introducing regular expressions (June 17)
  14. The first four episodes of our lecture on spreadsheets (June 18)
  15. Our first few self-assessment exercises (also June 18)
  16. People you don't want on your team (June 18 again)
  17. Our second lecture on regular expressions (June 19)