What I Install

I just set up a new 64-bit Windows 7 machine at work; here’s what I installed (in order):

  1. Putty
  2. Firefox
    1. Chatzilla
    2. Firebug
      1. third-bit webmail
      2. third-bit WordPress
      3. Software Carpentry WordPress
      4. Google reader
      5. Google calendar
      6. Toronto Public Library
      7. Instapaper's "Read Later" bookmarklet
      8. TinyURL's bookmarklet
  3. Cygwin
    1. keypair
    2. SVN repositories
      1. gvw (personal stuff)
      2. archive (my older stuff)
      3. cs (still disentangling myself)
      4. swc (Software Carpentry)
      5. manuscripts (saved PDFs of research papers)
      6. ebse (Making Software book for O'Reilly)
      7. aosa (Architecture of Open Source Applications book for Pragmatic)
    1. JRE
    2. Flash upgrade
  5. Emacs
  6. Python
    1. setuptools
    2. Nose
    3. NumPy
  7. Camtasia Studio
  8. Microsoft Office
  9. OpenOffice
  10. SmartSVN
  11. WinSCP
  12. Audacity
  13. Skype
  14. PDFCreator

I’m sure there’s more to come, but I can now do a day’s work without having to download and install anything else.

In the wake of posts about Shopify's support for white nationalists and DataCamp's attempts to cover up sexual harassment
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