DemoCamp 28 on Feb 22

DemoCamp Toronto # 28 is happening February 22, 2011 at Ryerson University.

Keynote Speaker: Mark Ruddock (@MarkRuddock)

Mark Ruddock is a a serial entrepreneur with two successful exits and over 10 years of experience at the helm of VC backed technology startups. Most recently, he was the CEO of the Viigo, which was acquired in March 2010 by Research in Motion (makers of the BlackBerry). Prior to Viigo, Mark was an EiR at Ventures West.

Mark is going to talk about “Important Lessons learned after 10 Years of being at the helm of VC backed Startups”. Every entrepreneur can learn from Mark’s experience pitching to VCs, maximizing the value of a company at sale, and just building, growing and running a successful startup in Toronto.


We are looking for amazing entrepreneurs, startups and demos. DemoCamp is an awesome platform for reaching the local audience.

We’re also looking for up to 5 startups or entrepreneurs to demo a new technology. Selected presenters get 5 minutes to show us the best of their application and then ask the audience for feedback, coaching, and insight from a highly connected cynical crowd. We try to get a group of highly connected and apparently highly cynical entrepreneurs, developers, designers, marketers, investors and others in a room to watch entrepreneurs in a safe environment.


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You should consider attending and connecting with other entrepreneurs, designers, developers and others. Please recommend DemoCamp to a friend.

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