Indivica is Hiring

Indivica is looking for developers and support engineers to help extend and deploy OSCAR, an open source electronic medical record system used in small and medium-sized medical practices. They're a distributed company—most people work from a home office (or a coffee shop, if they're young and hip)—so applicants from anywhere in Canada are welcome to apply. Developer: Java (J2EE preferably), Web experience (JavaScript/jQuery/CSS), Python (plus Django if possible, but not necessary), MySQL, Subversion and/or Git experience; iOS experience a plus; would also be good to have experience with server development. Duties will be to fix bugs in OSCAR, new software/feature development, convert new customers' old system databases to OSCAR's schema, and to interact with the support side of the business to address customer concerns. Solutions Engineer: Doesn't need to be a strong coder (very little development will be required), but will need to understand Java, JavaScript, and MySQL, know how to administer a Linux-based system, and know how to use a debugger. Duties will include interacting with customers to address their issues with the system, training, installation, and acting as a liaison between customers and the development team. For more information, please contact Jennifer Ruttan.