Progress Of A Sort

As I mentioned a few months ago, I'm going to turn Software Carpentry into a book. Here's the present status:

Chapter Word Count
Introduction 768
Spreadsheets 3924
Subversion 6405
Python 6345
Interlude: What Is Text? 1071
Functions and Libraries 9409
Interlude: Boolean Logic 921
Case Study: Invasion Percolation 8929
Interlude: How Are Numbers Stored? 1828
Testing 4549
Error Handling 1529
The Shell 12919
Make 5668
Interlude: Provenance 1810
Sets and Dictionaries 7627
Case Study: Phylogenetic Trees 1689
Systems Programming 60
Interlude: Configuring Programs 2146
Numerical Programming 6193
Multimedia Programming 4125
Steganography 1657
Installation 135
HTML and XML 6404
Databases 10676
Regular Expressions 8037
Object-Oriented Programming 4002
Building Desktop GUIs 137
Interlude: Persistence 5984
Web Programming 9639
Security 1285
Performance 8043
Parallel Programming 931
Software Engineering 6391
Epilog 873
Acknowledgments 202
Glossary 12074
Bibliography 3378
Total 167,763

167,673 words might seem like a lot, but based on past experience, I think I'm about halfway to a readable book—editing is always as much work as writing stuff in the first place.

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