Offline Rendering of WordPress Blog Posts?

I’d like to take a few tens of thousand WordPress blog posts and turn each into a standalone HTML page. I have the text that WordPress stores in its database, but there’s a problem: WordPress doesn’t (usually) store <p>…</p> paragraph tags. Instead, it (usually) interprets a blank line as a between-paragraph marker. I say “usually” because inside a <pre>…</pre> block, WordPress leaves blank lines alone. Oh, and it does funky things with tables, and… You get the picture. So what I want is a command-line tool suitable for batch processing that’ll take the text stored in the database and produce exactly the HTML that WordPress actually hands off to browsers. Problem is, I don’t speak PHP, and don’t have a couple of hours to browse the WP code base. If someone already has what I’m looking for, I’d be grateful for a pointer…

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