Cameron Neylon Speaking in Toronto on May 1, 2013

Network Enabled Scholarship — Reconfiguring Research for the Web Dr. Cameron Neylon Director of Open Access Advocacy, Public Library of Science 4:00 p.m., Wednesday, May 1, 2013 Room 205, Bissell Building, University of Toronto, 140 St George St
The web, like all network technologies before it from the mobile phone to writing itself, has the potential to enable a qualitative change in our capacity as people, organizations and societies. We are starting to see the first glimmerings of how our research capacity might change with projects like Galaxy Zoo and Polymath but these remain isolated examples. What will it take to exploit the network capacity that the web brings us to enable a step change in the efficiency and effectiveness of our research?
This seminar will be the first in a series highlighting new opportunities to network knowledge through application of knowledge media design values and methodologies.