Feature Complete

Teaching Tech Together is feature complete: I have to revise the diagrams and do one last pass on grammar, but I think the content is in close-to-finished form:

Chapter 1Introduction1(6)
Chapter 2Mental Models and Formative Assessment7(10)
Chapter 3Expertise and Memory17(10)
Chapter 4Cognitive Architecture27(10)
Chapter 5Individual Learning37(10)
Chapter 6A Lesson Design Process47(10)
Chapter 7Pedagogical Content Knowledge57(18)
Chapter 8Teaching as a Performance Art75(14)
Chapter 9In the Classroom89(16)
Chapter 10Motivation and Demotivation105(16)
Chapter 11Teaching Online121(12)
Chapter 12Exercise Types133(10)
Chapter 13Building a Community of Practice143(12)
Chapter 14Outreach155(12)
Chapter 15Why I Teach167(2)
Appendix ALicense211(2)
Appendix BCode of Conduct213(2)
Appendix CJoining Our Community215(4)
Appendix DGlossary219(8)
Appendix EMeetings, Meetings, Meetings227(6)
Appendix FChecklists and Templates233(8)
Appendix GExample Concept Maps241(10)

I hope to ship the final [sic] PDF to Taylor & Francis by the end of the month. With luck, it will be on the shelves by September.