Alpha Version of Software Tools in JavaScript

I have to fix two bugs in the examples, draw 91 diagrams, fill in an appendix on cognitive load, and then revise all 52,000 words, but the first draft is done. Feedback would be greatly appreciated: you can mail me or file issues in the book’s GitHub repository.

Title Pages Topic
Introduction 6
Systems Programming 20 Using callbacks to manipulate files and directories
Asynchronous Programming 22 Using promises to manage delayed computation
Unit Testing 12 Testing software piece by piece
File Backup 22 Archiving files with directory structure
Data Tables 16 Loading, saving, and manipulating tables efficiently
Pattern Matching 20 Using patterns to find things in data
Parsing Expressions 14 Turning text into code
Page Templates 18 Generating HTML pages from templates
Build Manager 22 Updating files that depend on other files
Layout Engine 24 Figuring out what goes where in a web page
File Interpolator 16 Managing source files that have been broken into pieces
Module Loader 16 Loading source files as modules
Style Checker 16 Checking that code conforms to style guidelines
Code Generator 14 Modifying code to track coverage and execution times
Documentation Generator 16 Generating documentation from comments embedded in code
Module Bundler 18 Turning many files into one
Package Manager 12 Getting and installing packages
Virtual Machine 16 Assembling and running low-level code
Debugger 18 Running programs under the control of a breakpointing debugger
Conclusion 2 Where we have been and where you could go next
Bibliography 2
License 4
Code of Conduct 2
Contributing 6
Cognition 2
Glossary 20
Links 6
Authors 6
Total 398

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