Another Glossary

It's late and the words are stuck, so here's a list of the terms defined in the second book I'm working on:

90-9-1 ruleactive bystanderactive listening
actoractual result (of test)agile development
allyalpha geekalready invented here syndrome
analysis & estimationanalysis paralysisassertion
attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)auto-completionautomated program repair
big-bang integrationBoehm Curvebranch
branch-per-feature workflowbreakpointBrook's Law
BSD licensebuild managerbuild number
bullshitbusiness rulebyte code
casual threatcatch (an exception)CC-BY
CC0centralized systemchaotic decomposition
chunkingclonecode browser
code coveragecode metriccode review
cognitive biascognitive dimensions of notationcognitive load
cognitive transitioncomma-separated values (CSV)commit
commit messagecommonscommunity of practice
competent practitionercompiled languageconceptual architecture
conditional breakpointconflictconfounding variables
consolecontinuous integrationcontrol group
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)copyrightcritical mass
cross-site scripting attack (XSS)crunch modeCSS selector
curly-brace languagedark matter developerdata mining
dead codedecentralized systemdecision meeting
defensive programmingdelta debuggingdesign by contract
design for testdesign patterndevelopment process
DevOpsdiagnostic powerdictionary attack
digital signaturediscoverabilitydiscussion meeting
doc commentdocstringDocument Object Model (DOM)
documentation generatorDon't Repeat Yourself (DRY)double blind
dynamic analysisdynamic typingelevator pitch
embedded databaseentity-relationship diagramexception
expected result (of test)expertexpert blind spot
external errorextraneous loadfailure
faultfeature boxingfeature creep
feature decompositionfeigning ignorancefidelity
finite state machine (FSM)fixtureflow
forkformative assessmentfunctional decomposition
functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)fuzz testinggenerational garbage collection
germane loadGNU Public Licensegoal-question-metric (GQM)
governanceGUI designerheuristic
hitchikerhot spotHuman Resources
hypercorrection_effectin-memory databaseinsider threat
Integrated Development Environment (IDE)intellectual propertyinternal error
interpreted languageinterpreterintimate threat
intrinsic loadissue trackerJavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
just-in-time compiler (JIT)keylabel (an issue)
layered configurationlegitimate peripheral participationlending privilege
long taillong-term memory (LTM)mail filter
MarkdownmarketingMartha's Rules
mental modelmergemicroservice
milestoneMIT Licensemock object
modelmodel-view-controller (MVC)modular decomposition
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (see "bullshit")neurodivergentneurotypical
non-disclosure agreement (NDA)not invented here syndrome (NIH)novice
OCEAN modelopen licenseOpen-Closed Principle
package managerpackage manifestpair programming
patchpatentpath coverage
pattern rulephishingplacebo
pluginpost-commit hookpost-condition
post-mortempre-commit hookpre-condition
pre-registrationpreparatory privilegeproduct manager
profilerproject managerpull
pull requestpushqualitative method
quantitative methodquasi-experimentrabbit hole
raise (an exception)raster imagerebase
Representational State Transfer (REST)reproducible example (reprex)requirements error
root causerotating decompositionrotating file
schemaSchrödinger's AssholeScottish verdict
scriptableScrumsecurity theater
semantic versioningsense voteshort-term memory (STM)
social engineeringsociotechnical congruencesoftware portal
spearphishingsprintSQL injection attack
stand-up meetingstatic analysisstatic site generator
static typingstraw manstring I/O
style checkersymbolic debuggerteam contract
technical debttest frameworktest runner
test suitetest-driven development (TDD)throw (an exception)
time boxingtimestampto-don't list
tone policingtrade secrettrademark
treatment grouptriagetwo-factor authentication (2FA)
type declarationunconscious biasUnified Modeling Language (UML)
unit testuse-case mapuser story
version numbervirtual machine (VM)waterfall model
What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)workflow diagramworking memory

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