Managing Research Software Projects Curriculum

As I announced a few days ago, I am running an online workshop on “Managing Research Software Projects” on September 29-30 to raise money for MetaDocencia. Tickets are available on Eventbrite and the curriculum and schedule are taking shape: I’d be very grateful for feedback on what’s missing and what you think doesn’t need to be covered.

Day 1

Start Subject Summary
10:00 Introduction Who you are, who's teaching this workshop, what we're going to cover, and how to participate.
10:15 Meetings How to ensure meetings are short, productive, and fair.
10:55 Governance Figuring out who gets to decide what and how to tell when a decision has been made.
11:25 Break
11:40 Mechanics How to organize project collateral, make work findable, reproducible, and shareable.
13:00 Break
13:10 Newcomers How to attract new contributors and help them feel welcome and be productive.
14:00 Finish

Day 2

Start Subject Summary
10:00 Design Guidelines for creating software that is maintainable and reliable.
11:00 Workflow Managing who does what and when.
11:30 Leadership Things you need to do now that you're in charge.
12:00 Break
12:15 Software Engineering What we actually know and why we believe it's true.
13:15 Break
13:25 Change Because sometimes the only way to fix a problem is to fix the institution.
14:00 Finish

We may also delve into a few bonus topics:

  • Making research software robust enough to be run by anyone, anywhere.
  • Building good working relationships between academia and industry.
  • Making work more findable.
  • The basics of personal digital safety (because having a higher profile may attract the wrong kind of attention).
  • What to do if you’ve been fired.
  • How to wrap up and move on when the time comes.

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