Blog Archive 2004

2004-12-30: Python Software Foundation Grant

2004-12-30: Why I Teach

2004-12-15: On Being a Small Independent Software Vendor

2004-12-14: What Trac Says About Python

2004-12-12: Unicode in Action

2004-12-10: Greg's Best of 2004

2004-12-09: Build Your Own Weather Channel

2004-11-22: I Need a Word...

2004-10-20: IBM, Python, and the Blues

2004-10-12: Blogging vs. Venting

2004-10-08: Oh, You Mean You Wanted It to *Work*...

2004-10-08: Open Source, Cold Shoulder

2004-10-08: Ant + Hibernate: There's More Than One Way to Fix It

2004-10-08: Ant + Eclipse = More Pain

2004-10-07: Ant + Hibernate = Confusion and Pain

2004-10-06: Ten Big Ones

2004-09-29: Version Numbers

2004-09-20: Essential Equipment

2004-09-16: The Art of Cutting Corners

2004-09-14: All work and no play makes a dull team

2004-09-14: Accidental Horizons

2004-09-13: Guards! Guards!

2004-09-13: Subversion Grief and Usability Testing

2004-09-11: Is Groovy Dead?

2004-09-07: Better is Harder than New

2004-09-06: They're All Eighth Bolts

2004-09-02: Book Review: Joel on Software

2004-09-02: A Few Simple Rules

2004-09-01: Tasks for the Fall

2004-08-30: Issue Tracking Systems

2004-08-28: The Joel Test

2004-08-18: Filters, Performance, and Priorities

2004-08-10: Configuration files and dynamic languages

2004-08-06: Real-time Scheduling

2004-08-04: Poor Cousins

2004-07-26: The right tool for the job

2004-07-23: Preparing for the Next Round

2004-07-21: Up and to the Right

2004-07-01: Command-Line Power Tools

2004-06-26: Code Reviews

2004-06-26: Bottom up and top down meet

2004-06-25: Getting Balls Rolling in the Real World

2004-06-22: The New Standard Model

2004-06-21: Welcome to the Helium Blog

In the wake of posts about Shopify's support for white nationalists and DataCamp's attempts to cover up sexual harassment
I have had to disable comments on this blog. Please email me if you'd like to get in touch.