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2005-12-29: External Programming Interfaces

2005-12-28: $67 million a year

2005-12-27: New Year's Schedule for Software Carpentry

2005-12-24: Review: Why Programs Fail

2005-12-23: Procrastination: One of the Few Things in Life Nicer Than Toast

2005-12-22: Insanity vs. Stateful Programming

2005-12-22: Documents vs. Conversations

2005-12-21: Choosing Sides

2005-12-20: Intelligence 1, Intelligent Design 0

2005-12-11: Maintaining Correctness

2005-12-11: Evidence

2005-12-09: American Scientist article on Software Carpentry

2005-12-08: Executive Version of Software Carpentry Course

2005-12-08: Ruby Book Sales Surpass Python

2005-12-07: Teaching Computer Science in 2006

2005-12-07: Perforce to Support DrProject Development

2005-12-07: Science is Beautiful

2005-12-05: Guidance on Running Undergraduate Software Projects

2005-12-02: How Do You Want to See Source Code?

2005-11-24: A Typical Developer's Typical Day (not humor)

2005-11-24: Fogel's "Producing Open Source Software"

2005-11-04: One in Forty Five Isn't Good Enough

2005-11-04: Workshop at AAAS '06

2005-10-27: Why Bad Software Exists

2005-10-27: You Need a Debugger to Change the World

2005-10-25: Who Will Clean Out My Inbox After I'm Dead?

2005-10-25: Summer of Code Geography

2005-10-25: Subtext

2005-10-18: Next Steps

2005-10-02: Buckley's and Jalapenos: Just Say No

2005-09-21: Software Carpentry at the AAAS

2005-09-20: Day 9

2005-09-14: Software Carpentry: First Meeting

2005-08-25: Fifty... Million... Calls

2005-08-22: Slow Imports

2005-08-22: Software Carpentry at Indiana University

2005-08-22: Dawson and Kerr in DDJ

2005-08-18: Mugged by Bots

2005-08-08: Under the Ice

2005-08-06: Wanted: Up and Coming Graphic Designer in Toronto, Willing to Work Cheap for Change at Big Break

2005-07-29: Software Carpentry course in Nature

2005-06-29: True North strong, free, and equal

2005-06-23: Jon Udell likes Data Crunching

2005-06-20: Another DDJ Editorial

2005-06-20: Data Crunching Has Finally Been Slashdotted

2005-06-13: Selling Open Source

2005-06-13: Padlock the Ice Cream!

2005-06-10: Data Crunching Article on O'Reilly Network

2005-06-06: Made the Front Page!

2005-06-01: Google's Summer of Code

2005-05-30: Powers of 10

2005-05-15: Navigating Source

2005-05-06: Dr Requirements

2005-05-05: Crash This Party... Tomorow

2005-05-04: Misdirection and Javascript

2005-04-29: You and Your Research

2005-04-25: Data Crunching

2005-04-25: I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together...

2005-04-24: Book Sales as Tech Trend Indicator

2005-04-13: Mapping Human History

2005-03-25: Fasten Your Seatbelts

2005-03-17: Jolt Awards 2005

2005-03-15: Pythoneers at SIGSCSE

2005-03-13: Reading the Fine Print

2005-03-11: Code reviews

2005-02-27: AJAX: Asynchronous Javascript + XML

2005-02-27: RIP Peter Benenson

2005-02-25: Possible vs. Feasible vs. Trivial

2005-02-20: Technical Writing Decisions

2005-02-18: On the Size of Programming Teams

2005-02-14: Public Health and Future Email

2005-02-09: Good Writing vs. Bad Writing

2005-02-08: Trusting Your Customers

2005-02-05: Blaise Pascal's Shorter Letter

2005-01-18: Extensible Programming Slashdotted (Unfortunately)

2005-01-17: Next-Generation Communication and Software Engineering

2005-01-16: Python, Typing, and the Scientific Spirit

2005-01-16: Canadian Undergraduate Software Engineering Conference

2005-01-12: Two Kinds of People...

2005-01-08: Managing Student Projects Using Blogging: First Impressions

2005-01-05: Why Python?

2005-01-02: Knowing Where You're Going

2005-01-02: Quantifying the Learning Curve

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