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2006-12-29Eleven Weeks to Go
2006-12-27Experiences with OpenID?
2006-12-22Multi-Series Charts in Excel
2006-12-21Galcon for the Holidays
2006-12-20In Need of an Annotation Tool
2006-12-18Further Thoughts on Filing Bugs
2006-12-16Changes to DrProject's Ticketing System
2006-12-08Jon Udell and Microsoft
2006-12-07Writing a Book
2006-12-05Show Me The Data
2006-12-05YouTube for Data
2006-12-02Online Code Reviews Are Hot
2006-11-30Not on the Shelves (Version 3)
2006-11-30Writing Blackboard Plugins
2006-11-28Software Carpentry article in CiSE
2006-11-28Presto and Responsibility
2006-11-27Psiphon in the News Again
2006-11-25DrProject Internals: Email
2006-11-21DemoCamp 11
2006-11-20CSC49X Projects for Winter 2007 (final)
2006-11-19Slow Growth is Still Growth
2006-11-19DrProject Internals: Testing
2006-11-16DrProject Internals: Subversion
2006-11-11Requirements as Tickets (or, Hierarchy to the Rescue)
2006-11-11Expressing Temporal 'Type' Information in Programs
2006-11-10Setting Up Yet Again
2006-11-09Can't Get (Directly) There From Here
2006-11-08CSC49X Projects Winter 2007
2006-11-06DrProject Internals: I Wasn't Quite Done With Tickets
2006-11-05Small Scale Real-World Requirements
2006-11-05DrProject Internals: Tickets Again
2006-11-02Software Carpentry continues to grow
2006-11-01Usability Camp: Nov 14
2006-11-01She's a Girl!
2006-11-01DrProject Internals: Tickets
2006-10-31Computational Result Retracted
2006-10-30Jim Waldo: 'On System Design'
2006-10-30DrProject Internals: Parting Notes on the Wiki
2006-10-28DrProject Internals: Security Part 2
2006-10-27DrProject Internals: Security Part 1
2006-10-26Award Winners Redux
2006-10-26German Version of 'Bottleneck'
2006-10-24DemoCamp 10: Congratulations
2006-10-23DrProject Internals: Setting the Stage
2006-10-22And I Thought *I* Worried a Lot…
2006-10-20The Baby Just Kicked!
2006-10-20Award Winners
2006-10-18Why Software Projects Are Always In Crisis
2006-10-17The Last of September's Reading
2006-10-16CSER, Privacy, Agility, and Games
2006-10-13Barry Warsaw on debugging Python's memory usage
2006-10-06DrProject 1.1 Release Candidate 1
2006-10-04It's Spreading
2006-10-02Web 2.0 Tools for School
2006-09-28Open Source Immigration
2006-09-27An Unrepresentative DemoCamp
2006-09-26Golden Rules for Bad User Interface Design
2006-09-25Where the Puck's Going To Be
2006-09-23Turnitin and Translucency
2006-09-19The Stradivarius of Coding
2006-09-18Taking Intellisense to the Next Level
2006-09-18A Social Networking Company with a Believable Business Model
2006-09-15PyGTA Meeting Sept 19
2006-09-14CASCON Workshops
2006-09-14Not an Oxymoron
2006-09-14Step N: Deliverables
2006-09-07Step 4: Respect
2006-09-07Superficially Plausible Business Plan #31
2006-09-07Upcoming DemoCamps
2006-09-04Step 3: Your Daily Routine
2006-08-31Step 2: Analysis & Estimation
2006-08-30CSC49X: Figuring Out Where the Goalposts Are
2006-08-28I Hate My Mac
2006-08-25The Emperor *Still* Has No Brain
2006-08-25Why Real-World Programming Is Difficult
2006-08-24EC2: Commoditized Computing
2006-08-23Trac Spam
2006-08-23Udell on Debugging
2006-08-23Social Spiders
2006-08-23Python Web Frameworks (Yet Again)
2006-08-22Industry Showcase at U of T
2006-08-22Chris Lenz on Django
2006-08-20Revised List of Project Students
2006-08-20Rome In Its Later Days
2006-08-18When I Rule the World #173: Google's Summer of Code
2006-08-17Oh My God It's Django!
2006-08-17SciPy'06: First Morning
2006-08-16The Trouble With Normal
2006-08-16SciPy and Software Carpentry
2006-08-14DrProject 1.1 Screencast
2006-08-14ITiCSE'06 Readings
2006-08-07Naive SQL(ite) Question
2006-08-04HPCWire Interview on Software Carpentry
2006-08-04It Isn't Progress Until You Can Debug It
2006-08-04An Explosion of Diversity
2006-08-01Whacking Your Computer
2006-07-31More Legislative Idiocy
2006-07-30Update on Extensible Programming
2006-07-29The Meme is Spreading
2006-07-26DemoCamp 8
2006-07-24Worms for Fishes
2006-07-24Games Are Drugs
2006-07-20The Neanderthal Genome
2006-07-20DemoCamp8 is Tuesday, July 25
2006-07-19Books I Want Someone to Write #23
2006-07-19Evidence-Based Software Engineering
2006-07-18The Camel's Humps Are Very Popular
2006-07-17Possible CSC49X Projects for Fall 2006
2006-07-17DrProject 1.0 Final now available
2006-07-15Screenshots of DrProject 1.0
2006-07-15Another Database Design Question
2006-07-14Software Carpentry 2.0
2006-07-09Reorganizing Our Software Engineering Courses
2006-07-07Bitten by WGA
2006-07-06What I Know About Playing the Bass
2006-07-05DemoCamp7 (and 8, and 9)
2006-07-03Watching Static and Dynamic Analysis Go Mainstream
2006-06-29DrProject 1.0 Release Candidate 1
2006-06-27Next… Design by Contract? (Please)
2006-06-27Why DrProject Is Slow
2006-06-26DrProject 1.0: 98% and climbing
2006-06-25Software Carpentry's new home
2006-06-23Perforce: For beginners only…
2006-06-23The ACM's Top 25
2006-06-22Congratulations to this year's grads
2006-06-21Spring is Here
2006-06-20As We Near 1.0…
2006-06-19Agility and Romanticism
2006-06-19DemoCamp 7 will be on Tuesday, July 4
2006-06-18GNOME WSOP
2006-06-16The Semi-Colon Wars
2006-06-03PowerShell for Linux?
2006-06-02Summer of Code on One Page
2006-05-31DemoCamp 6 redux
2006-05-24ICT Discussion
2006-05-17DemoCamp 6
2006-05-12A New Machine…
2006-05-12DDJ and Google Summer of Code
2006-05-05Revised Lecture on Teamware
2006-05-05Book Review: Code Quality
2006-05-03Software Carpentry 1111
2006-05-01DemoCamp6 Signup
2006-04-28Corrections Done
2006-04-26Because Of Course, They're All Guys
2006-04-26DemoCamp5 Redux
2006-04-24Entry-Level Modeling Tools Revisited
2006-04-20What the World Needs Now Is Diffs, Diffs, Diffs
2006-04-19Making Money from Better Software
2006-04-17Zipf's Law of Feedback
2006-04-17Summer of Code 2006
2006-04-16Bobet on Tushingham
2006-04-14StickyMinds Part Deux
2006-04-14Python 3000: What To Leave Out?
2006-04-13Great Programmers?
2006-04-13Online Marking Grant
2006-04-13Strong Typing, Unit Testing, and Science
2006-04-12BIND Patents
2006-04-11The Ruby Is Always Greener…
2006-04-10A Language for Games
2006-04-09341 Words
2006-04-09Mesh: Good News and Bad
2006-04-0810 Ways to Lose Your Best People
2006-04-08Post-Mortem on This Term's Projects
2006-04-07DemoCamp 5 at U of T
2006-04-05Perfection Is Achieved Only on the Point of Collapse
2006-04-05New Security Lecture Up
2006-04-04Integration and XML Lectures
2006-04-04Please Explain Time To Me
2006-04-04Movie-Plot Threat Contest
2006-03-31Where Next for DrProject?
2006-03-30Sea Code
2006-03-30Head Rush Black Belt Secret Hacks of the [buzzword] Zen Masters!
2006-03-30The Next Phase New Wave Tool Craze
2006-03-29Showstopper: Hanging Processes
2006-03-27The Real Convergence
2006-03-262020 Hype
2006-03-14DrProject: Transitioning to Kid
2006-03-08Performance Anti-Patterns
2006-03-06Why Features Don't Matter Any More
2006-03-06Web Server Programming Lecture Is Up
2006-03-05Game Play Notation
2006-03-05Monad and Greasemonkey
2006-03-03Client-Side Web Programming Lecture
2006-03-02Last Two Lectures Are Up
2006-03-01Usability of Programming Systems
2006-02-27First Lecture on Software Development Process Is Up
2006-02-27What It Takes to Get Eclipse Out the Door
2006-02-26StickyMinds article on Data Crunching
2006-02-23Database Lecture is Up
2006-02-22Second Lecture on Testing Now Online
2006-02-22Python, JavaScript, and Boost
2006-02-21State of DrProject
2006-02-21What Else for Software Carpentry?
2006-02-21Second Lecture on Object-Oriented Programming
2006-02-21DemoCamp: Googling for People
2006-02-20DrProject: Switching to Kid
2006-02-20AAAS Annual Meeting 2006
2006-02-16Reminder: DemoCamp3 in Toronto
2006-02-15Entry-Level Requirements Engineering Revisited
2006-02-14Lecture on Binary Data
2006-02-13Reminder: Toronto DemoCamp 3 is Next Monday
2006-02-13Psiphon in the News
2006-02-12Regular Expressions Lecture is Up
2006-02-11Of DocFests, Marketing Hype, and DrProject
2006-02-10Software Carpentry Design Lecture
2006-02-06First Lecture on Object-Oriented Programming Is Up
2006-02-04Project Assets
2006-02-02Please Tell Me Python Logging Isn't Supposed to Work This Way
2006-02-02Debugging Lecture
2006-01-29Fourth Python Lecture for Software Carpentry
2006-01-24Quality Assurance Lecture Now Available
2006-01-23Programming Style Lecture Has Been Revised
2006-01-23Third Software Carpentry Python Lecture on the Web
2006-01-23They're Getting Smarter
2006-01-18Second Python Lecture Now on the Web
2006-01-17George Cukor, Hugo Weaving, and Gene Kelly
2006-01-15Intro Python Lecture Available
2006-01-13Eating Our Own Burritos
2006-01-11Build Lecture Is Up
2006-01-09Two More Revised Software Carpentry Lectures
2006-01-04First Shell Lecture for Software Carpentry is Up
2006-01-03DrProject kickoff
2006-01-03Petzold's Rules for Writing a Technical Book
2006-01-02Software Carpentry Introduction revised and on the web