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2007-12-31: Grassroots Extensibility

2007-12-31: To Do

2007-12-28: Losing the War Redux

2007-12-27: Cover for "A Bottle of Light"

2007-12-24: Goodbye Oscar

2007-12-21: Champions

2007-12-20: "Beautiful Code" Nominated for Jolt Award

2007-12-18: Show Me

2007-12-16: Count 'Em

2007-12-16: IEEE Computer Society Needs Beta Testers

2007-12-15: Prepping for Next Term

2007-12-15: A Meme I'd Like To Crush

2007-12-14: ICSE Workshop List

2007-12-13: Welcome Caden to the World

2007-12-13: Good News About DrProject

2007-12-13: The Other Kind of "Cycles"

2007-12-09: Switching to Zep

2007-12-09: Python Supercomputing Statistics

2007-12-04: DemoCamp 16: two w00ts

2007-12-02: Knitting a Home

2007-11-29: Falling Further Behind

2007-11-28: Great Balls Of...Yarn

2007-11-23: Really Scary

2007-11-22: On Being Bumped Up

2007-11-22: We Buy It For The Interviews, Honest

2007-11-22: StreetKnit in the Star

2007-11-20: ...But With A Whimper

2007-11-16: Casting Off the Cold

2007-11-16: Sometimes I Don't Like Our Species Very Much

2007-11-16: Reinventing Square Wheels

2007-11-13: Cluster Challenge 07: Hard Crash and the Understudy Position

2007-11-10: Why It's Worthwhile

2007-11-10: We're Number Ten!

2007-11-08: File Under "Still Not Getting It"

2007-11-06: Measurement

2007-11-02: Eclipse DemoCamp

2007-11-02: DemoCamp 16: Dec 3 at Toronto Board of Trade

2007-11-02: I Want Your (Comments On Your) Code

2007-10-30: Encouraging Collaboration

2007-10-30: It's All a Matter of Perspective

2007-10-26: The Burning Man of HPC

2007-10-25: Today Was More Fun

2007-10-24: Explain Why This Wouldn't Work

2007-10-24: Wrong Again

2007-10-22: Ben's Panel

2007-10-22: But Not For Me

2007-10-19: Requirements Conference Prize

2007-10-17: More Fun Than Code

2007-10-17: DemoCamp 15 Lineup

2007-10-17: Country Codes of the World

2007-10-17: Beautiful Code Sales

2007-10-12: A Useful Quotation

2007-10-12: Gini Coefficients as a Measure of Team Effort

2007-10-12: Off and Away

2007-10-10: Citizen Lab Guide to Bypassing Censorship

2007-10-10: DrProject Funding Proposal Rejected

2007-10-09: Amazon Gets an SLA (But I Still Can't Use It)

2007-10-05: DemoCamp: Biggerer!

2007-10-02: Doomed to Repeat It

2007-10-02: On Spec Again

2007-09-26: The Best Part of My Job

2007-09-25: Another Sighting of Software Carpentry

2007-09-25: Bugs in DrProject

2007-09-23: Two and a Half Books

2007-09-20: Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

2007-09-18: What I Read

2007-09-18: DrProject's First Review

2007-09-18: DemoCamp 14: Best Yet

2007-09-17: Tweaking

2007-09-13: The Best Electoral Offer Yet

2007-09-13: Ontario Votes on Voting

2007-09-12: Jon Udell has the Best Job in the World

2007-09-10: Russian and Korean

2007-09-10: "Ferocious Beauty" Coming to Toronto

2007-09-10: Randy Pausch

2007-09-09: Winter Is Coming...

2007-09-05: Openness and (the promise of) XML

2007-09-02: Managing, Reviewing, and RESTing

2007-09-01: Short Stories Are a Form of Their Own

2007-08-31: Summer 2007 Post Mortem

2007-08-31: Back Yard Beautiful

2007-08-29: DemoCamp 14 Update

2007-08-29: The Sunlight Foundation and Hosted Lifebits

2007-08-29: Diagram of Relationships Between Programming Paradigms

2007-08-29: How and Why We Draw Code

2007-08-29: More "Beautiful Code" News

2007-08-29: Another Summer...

2007-08-29: 49X Projects in the Wild

2007-08-09: Facebook Developers' Camp

2007-08-09: Late Night Thoughts on Re-Reading Terry Pratchett

2007-08-09: Interview Slashdotted

2007-08-09: Help Help --- My Soil Is Dry and I Can't Germinate

2007-08-09: Schneier on Assurance

2007-08-09: Ian Darwin on Reflection

2007-08-08: Practice and Experience

2007-08-07: A Review and an Explanation

2007-08-07: How I'm Doing

2007-08-03: Michael Feathers on Subtext

2007-08-03: Binary Search on the TTC

2007-08-02: Why I Supervise

2007-08-02: Toronto Girl Geeks Dinner #2

2007-08-01: Our 15 Minutes of Fame

2007-08-01: JBoss vs. Django and What IronRuby Really Means

2007-08-01: Daaaahling

2007-07-31: JavaScript and Tamarin

2007-07-31: How Not to Collaborate

2007-07-30: Udell on Beautiful Code (and "narrating the work")

2007-07-30: YSlow and the Browser as IDE

2007-07-28: To Do for Fall 2007

2007-07-28: Let Me See...Is It Control-Shift-J?

2007-07-27: Madeleine, Sadie, and Greg

2007-07-25: British Columbia

2007-07-25: Schema Changes

2007-07-24: You Can Never Start Recruiting Too Early

2007-07-24: Beautiful Code Now Has Its Own Web Site

2007-07-24: Jane Goodall Speaking in Toronto

2007-07-18: Number One in Programming

2007-07-18: Computational Education for Scientists

2007-07-16: Attacked by Hippos

2007-07-14: ITiCSE'07

2007-07-12: User Interface Jam Session

2007-07-11: Matt Doar Likes Beautiful Code

2007-07-11: Bryan Cantrill on Recursion

2007-07-07: Software Carpentry Sprint at SciPy'07

2007-07-07: "Beautiful Code" Is Number 3

2007-07-04: Another Sighting of Software Carpentry

2007-07-02: Data Finds Data

2007-07-01: Simon's Laws

2007-06-29: Why This Site Is Sometimes Slow

2007-06-28: Richard Stallman Speaking at University of Toronto (Mississauga) on July 5

2007-06-28: Today

2007-06-28: Quinn's argument: a swing and a mis

2007-06-27: Two Studies of ASCI (and no, that's not a typo)

2007-06-26: First Sightings

2007-06-26: MySpace, Facebook, and Social Class

2007-06-26: The Danger of Danger

2007-06-26: A Thumb on the Scales

2007-06-26: Software Carpentry at LLNL

2007-06-22: Six Weeks and Counting

2007-06-20: Software Carpentry Screencasts by Chris Lasher

2007-06-19: The Software Project Coloring Book

2007-06-18: Nature Precedings

2007-06-18: Three Years Old

2007-06-18: Beatrice Worsley

2007-06-18: Lack of Female Authors in "Beautiful Code"

2007-06-17: Two Books of a Different Kind

2007-06-16: IM Groups

2007-06-16: Mass Customization

2007-06-16: Thanks, Jay

2007-06-15: Let's All Get Past...

2007-06-13: OLM Makes the News

2007-06-13: Does the Future Belong to Javascript?

2007-06-12: Go On, Convince Me

2007-06-12: One Of Those Days

2007-06-12: England: the Three of Us, and Four Generations

2007-06-12: If You Need AI, You Need a Simpler System

2007-06-12: Software Games

2007-06-11: Praising the Good

2007-06-09: Home Stretch for Beautiful Code

2007-06-06: Java Ecosystems for Python Programmers

2007-06-05: Asimov's Other Law

2007-05-22: Teaching Software Architecture

2007-05-19: RailsConf: Plus Ca Change...

2007-05-17: Arrrgghh *whimper* (or, PySqlite, Matplotlib, and paths)

2007-05-12: Update to Summer Roster

2007-05-12: Half Empty, Half Full

2007-05-12: Holding Steady

2007-05-05: Computational Scientists Still Don't Get It

2007-05-03: Send Us the Code, We'll Send You the Tests

2007-05-02: Chronicle-Recorder and Debugging

2007-04-29: Wrapping Up 49X for the Term

2007-04-29: Integrating IM into DrProject

2007-04-25: Code Review Tools

2007-04-24: Tenure, Fertility, and Misinformation

2007-04-24: Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

2007-04-23: Guidance on Undergraduate Software Projects

2007-04-20: Friday Humor

2007-04-19: DemoCamp 13

2007-04-17: Summer of DrProject

2007-04-15: Jorge Aranda on OLPC

2007-04-13: Streetknit and the Scott Mission

2007-04-12: One Laptop Per Child

2007-04-12: RIP Kurt Vonnegut

2007-04-12: Summer of Code 2007

2007-04-12: The Summer Team

2007-04-07: It Finally Happened

2007-04-06: More Pictures of Madeleine

2007-04-05: The 50 Most Important White People in IT

2007-04-02: Titus Brown Teaching Software Carpentry

2007-04-02: Measuring the Value of Modeling

2007-04-01: Knowing Where You Are

2007-03-31: Madeleine Erica Wilson

2007-03-28: Pictures from the Competition

2007-03-27: Beautiful Code: Chapter by Chapter

2007-03-26: Google Summer of Code: Participating Organizations

2007-03-26: Engineering Strategies & Practice Team Wins Award

2007-03-25: New Software Engineering Courses at U of T

2007-03-22: Maybe We Deserve to Go Under

2007-03-21: OLPC at PyGTA

2007-03-20: In memoriam: John Backus

2007-03-19: Sign Error => Five Papers Retracted

2007-03-15: 2007 Google Summer of Code Project Ideas

2007-03-14: Extensible Programming Has Arrived

2007-03-14: PyGTA Tuesday March 20 to talk about One Laptop Per Child

2007-03-13: Doing the Science

2007-03-12: What I Missed Most by Not Going to SIGCSE

2007-03-11: Internet Self-Publishing as a Mirror for our Species

2007-03-11: SciPy'07 Dates Announced

2007-03-10: Reproducibility of Computational Results

2007-03-10: Beautiful Code

2007-03-08: Strawman Proposal for a New Ticketing System

2007-03-07: Two Pictures Say It All

2007-03-01: What I Missed Most by Not Going to PyCon

2007-02-27: A Review of a Book That Should Be Read Much More Widely Than It Will Be

2007-02-20: Database Schema to Support Customizable/Extensible Application

2007-02-19: Bitten Again

2007-02-16: Titus Brown's "Not in the Syllabus"

2007-02-16: Toronto Technology Week May 28 - June 1

2007-02-14: BitFrost

2007-02-10: DrProject Architecture

2007-02-10: Computing with Railroads

2007-02-10: Tomorrow is Evolution Sunday

2007-02-08: Yahoo Pipes (or, What Took You So Long?)

2007-02-07: What I Learned Today

2007-02-07: Research in Action: W00t!

2007-02-06: DrProject 1.2 Now Available

2007-02-01: Blackboard's Patent Pledge

2007-01-31: Why Johnny Can't Calendar

2007-01-31: Why Ethics Matter

2007-01-26: The Trouble with Tech Transfer

2007-01-25: DemoCamp 12 is Feb 5

2007-01-21: Many Ways to Break

2007-01-21: Jolt Finalists

2007-01-21: Debugging Trick

2007-01-21: Udell on use experience vs. user experience

2007-01-19: Managing Kids in the Home Office

2007-01-19: StreetKnit

2007-01-18: Structured Online Laboratory Notebooks

2007-01-18: Software Carpentry Usage in December

2007-01-18: Creating Tables in DrProject

2007-01-14: No Such Thing As One Program

2007-01-13: Pervasive Computing, Horror, and the Double Chin Effect

2007-01-12: Abstraction, Compression, and Errors

2007-01-09: Jon Udell on Future Tailors

2007-01-09: Eventually, They All Become Programming Languages

2007-01-07: DrProject 1.2 RC 1

2007-01-03: Groovy 1.0

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