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2008-12-31Mocked by a Bar Chart
2008-12-31Ontario Energy Savings: Fail
2008-12-31Time to Freshen It Up
2008-12-29jsMath: Yay!
2008-12-29Jumping Genes
2008-12-29Profs on Facebook
2008-12-26Things I'd Like To Finish In the Next 489 Days
2008-12-26How Do You Determine the Health of a Software Development Project?
2008-12-24Who's the Best 21st Century Teacher in Toronto?
2008-12-24A Healthy Dose of Scepticism
2008-12-24Diagnosing Home Network Misconfigurations Using Shared Knowledge
2008-12-2440 Years Ago
2008-12-23Post-Mortem on This Term's Work
2008-12-19Wikipedia or Perish
2008-12-18But What Goes Wrong?
2008-12-18Beautiful Testing
2008-12-18Hacking the Rainforest
2008-12-18Carl Zimmer, Faces, and Letter Writing Campaigns
2008-12-18We Got Boinged!
2008-12-18uTest's Bug Battle
2008-12-18Science Lessons for Movie Makers
2008-12-18How Far We Got
2008-12-18Entry-Level Code Review Procedures?
2008-12-08Monkeys, Bananas, and a Fire Hose
2008-12-07How Scientists Manage Code
2008-12-07Sold Another Story
2008-12-04Python 3.0 is Out (But We're Not Using It Yet)
2008-12-03I Had To Figure It Out Anyway
2008-12-03Thanks, Blake
2008-12-03Today Was a Good Day
2008-12-03Advertising for 'Bottle of Light'
2008-12-01Game-Changing Results
2008-11-30Igor, Connect the Electrodes!
2008-11-24StreetKnit is Back!
2008-11-20Getting the Science Right—Or At Least, Less Wrong
2008-11-20Happy 25th Birthday, TurboPascal
2008-11-19Watch This Space
2008-11-18Need Some Help?
2008-11-17Maybe If I Write About Them, They'll Go Away
2008-11-17Science Lessons for MPs
2008-11-16What Sciences Are There?
2008-11-15The Family Has Landed
2008-11-06Apologies to StreetKnit Readers
2008-11-05I Honestly Didn't Think I'd Live to See the Day
2008-11-04How Come I Didn't Know About FLOSSmole?
2008-10-31It's Not You, It's Me
2008-10-21The Thesis Hat
2008-10-19Two Others
2008-10-16And Search Returns…?
2008-10-10So Far Behind
2008-10-05Another Check for Amnesty International
2008-10-05No, It Isn't Photoshopped
2008-09-19Another Use for Extensible Programming
2008-09-18If It's on the Web…
2008-09-18Risk Budget
2008-09-16I Used To Make Jokes…
2008-09-16Comments in JSON?
2008-09-16Life? Don't Talk to Me About Life…
2008-09-15REST APIs for Batch Operations
2008-09-15How do I enlarge a fizzbar without overwriting the user's snibbit?
2008-09-14Another Milestone
2008-09-11Science in the 21st Century
2008-09-10Student Projects This Term
2008-09-08Start of Another Academic Year
2008-09-04Science 2.0: the Future of Online Tools for Scientists
2008-08-26Summer's End
2008-08-12Winter Grad Course Evaluation
2008-08-12Wrapping Up
2008-08-11SciFoo, eGY, and Splitting
2008-08-07Managing Meetings
2008-08-07Putting a Face to a Name
2008-08-06Tony, Dan, LanSchool, and Doing the Right Thing
2008-08-02I'd Really Like To Draw A Picture…
2008-08-02Where Design Fits In
2008-08-01They're Breeding Like Rabbits
2008-07-30Please Pay For Your Copy of Beautiful Code
2008-07-28Next Lecture?
2008-07-28Home Stretch for Students
2008-07-28This Week in Greg
2008-07-25Name This Book!
2008-07-24Fall Courses
2008-07-23Badge of Reproducibility
2008-07-23Quick Quiz to Measure What Scientists Know
2008-07-22Belated Barbecue Photos
2008-07-22Summer 2008 Logo
2008-07-21Mail Traffic Over Time
2008-07-21It Wasn't *Meant* To Be Funny, But…
2008-07-20DrProject Status Update
2008-07-19Badge of Honor?
2008-07-19Just Another Saturday
2008-07-18A Distributed Single Point of Failure
2008-07-17Nick's Last Day
2008-07-17Up On Stage
2008-07-16We Should Have Built This For Them
2008-07-16A Little Warm…
2008-07-09Portrait of the Author
2008-07-09Yes, Our Students Are Still Busy
2008-07-07Consulting Course Fall 2008 Needs You!
2008-07-06Traceability in Agile Projects
2008-07-06What Code Are You Proud Of?
2008-07-05Why We're Not Switching to Git
2008-07-03But Dad…
2008-07-03Another Good Lunch
2008-07-02Current Projects
2008-07-01Midsummer Resolution
2008-06-27As We Head Into the Holiday Weekend…
2008-06-25This Is What I'd Like To Be Doing…
2008-06-25Another DrProject Design Question
2008-06-24First Anniversary of Toronto Geek Girls Dinner
2008-06-24Fell at the First Hurdle
2008-06-23Navigating IRC Logs, Nested Forms, Et Cetera
2008-06-18Where My Grad Students Are
2008-06-17New Pics
2008-06-15And One That Failed
2008-06-15Another Sample Proposal
2008-06-14CBC Podcasts
2008-06-13What a Proposal Looks Like
2008-06-13Another Week of Progress
2008-06-12Where the Time Goes
2008-06-11Feedback Time
2008-06-10Determining When You Should Stop Adding Features to a Version is Hard
2008-06-10Deleting Roles
2008-06-06Liz on the Web
2008-06-06Faking Results
2008-06-04A Surprisingly Small Piece of Paper
2008-06-03Three Weeks and Change
2008-06-01Three Weeks In
2008-05-29More About Integrating IRC into DrProject
2008-05-27Reminded of the Difference Once Again
2008-05-25Interviewed by Jon Udell
2008-05-23For Each, Replace
2008-05-21Why Don't We Do This?
2008-05-16File Under 'Really Not Getting It'
2008-05-16I Will Buy You Lunch…
2008-05-16But I Was Gone Less than 48 Hours!
2008-05-15Another DrProject Design Question
2008-05-14On My Way to Texas
2008-05-14What I'm Reading These Days
2008-05-14David Ascher Has Nice Things To Say…
2008-05-12Aaaand They're Off!
2008-05-09Where Are They Now?
2008-05-08Lucky 13
2008-05-08We're Number Seven!
2008-05-05Those Who Will Not Learn From History…
2008-05-04Summer Indulgences
2008-05-04Programming for Historians
2008-05-04StreetKnit in the News
2008-05-03At the Merrill
2008-05-03We're Big In Japan
2008-05-03'…But Nobody To Know What It Is'
2008-05-03Stats on Founders
2008-05-02A Question for the Class
2008-05-02Code Review Coincidences
2008-05-01MathWorks Visit
2008-05-01Joel Is Feeling Grumpy Today
2008-04-29An Interview with Donald Knuth
2008-04-28'I Would Never Have Believed…'
2008-04-25DrProject 3.0 Schema
2008-04-25Design Never Ends
2008-04-24Catch-22 / The First Three Minutes
2008-04-21Crowded House
2008-04-21OK, What Would *You* Draw?
2008-04-21Someone's a Fan
2008-04-18Zis Is Cursed, Zat Is Cursed
2008-04-18Consulting Course Videos
2008-04-17Introducing Stack Overflow
2008-04-15Pogy Travel Crib
2008-04-15Integration Irony
2008-04-12A Rare Triple
2008-04-11Feature List
2008-04-11Alternatives to DrProject
2008-04-10It Went Well
2008-04-10Three Studies (Maybe Four)
2008-04-09Global Intelligence
2008-04-09Morning Routine
2008-04-08Our Own Little DemoCamplet
2008-04-07global awareness (with a small but useful 'g')
2008-04-07More DemoCamps
2008-04-07Schneier's Review of 'Access Denied'
2008-04-07Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned
2008-04-04What We've Been Up To (Revisited)
2008-04-03Real World Data Causes Perl
2008-04-02Summer Plans for Software Carpentry
2008-04-02The Retractions Just Keep Coming In
2008-03-31Meet the New Flaw
2008-03-31Honor Where Honor's Due
2008-03-30Old Dogs Are Suspicious of New Tricks
2008-03-28An Unexpected Result
2008-03-27Beautiful Code Panel
2008-03-27Reality Tree
2008-03-26DemoCamp in the News
2008-03-26Nice Quote
2008-03-24First Steps
2008-03-21For The Record
2008-03-19StreetKnit in the Press Again
2008-03-19Our Wee David's All Growed Up
2008-03-17The Struggles of New Graduates
2008-03-15Streetknit + Spins & Needles
2008-03-15SIGCSE Day 3
2008-03-14SIGCSE Day 2
2008-03-13SIGCSE Day 1
2008-03-12On My Way To SIGCSE'08
2008-03-10New Sins
2008-03-1015 Year Old Error in Core Biotech Code
2008-03-08Why Developers Don't Do Code Reviews
2008-03-08Graduating 2007 CS Class Smallest This Decade
2008-03-07Controlled Release
2008-03-06Avenir vs. Ryerson
2008-03-06A Student-Oriented Software Development Process
2008-03-062008 Research In Action Showcase
2008-03-06LearnHub Launches with Software Carpentry Front and Center
2008-03-06Journal of Visualized Experiments
2008-03-06Conservation of Happiness
2008-03-06Beautiful Code Wins Jolt Award
2008-03-05DrProject 3.0 alpha
2008-03-04Writing Is a Drug
2008-03-04Beautiful Code Panel at SD West
2008-02-27Making the World a Better Place
2008-02-26Scientific Groupware Revisited
2008-02-22DemoCamp 17: Monday, Feb 25
2008-02-21Teaching Python at the NRC
2008-02-20Where The Puck Is Going To Be (Part 91)
2008-02-20Today's Politicians Lead Boring Lives
2008-02-20The Dog's Not Barking Again
2008-02-19Six Books for a Canadian Winter
2008-02-19Spolsky on Office File Formats
2008-02-19February Code Sprint: Day 1
2008-02-17Graduate Directions
2008-02-15Building Filters
2008-02-15Rationalizing the Admin Interface
2008-02-14Grumpy Minds Think Alike
2008-02-11Reviewing Markdown
2008-02-07Yet More Weight Behind OpenID
2008-02-06The First Check
2008-02-06Another Reminder
2008-02-06Congratulations to David Crow
2008-02-06DemoCamp 17
2008-02-05Girl Geek Dinners: Wed Feb 20
2008-02-04You're Not Allowed To Use What You Learn In This Book
2008-02-02Generating Elegance
2008-01-31Beautiful Code at Google
2008-01-28First Figure Out What You Want to Change
2008-01-25Recycled Words: knismesis
2008-01-23A New Home
2008-01-21I Wasn't At CUSEC This Year…
2008-01-17Where My Life Goes
2008-01-15Structural Programming and Rational Metaprogramming
2008-01-12And Speaking of Community…
2008-01-12What 'Community' Actually Means
2008-01-09I've Been Amazoned
2008-01-08Where the Puck Is, Part 5
2008-01-08Apparently We're Doing Well
2008-01-06Code Sprint Day 3
2008-01-05Code Sprint Day 2
2008-01-04Code Sprint Day 1
2008-01-02One, Two, Three
2008-01-01Best of 2007
2008-01-01The World Question 2008