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2009-12-30Another Neologism from Jon Udell
2009-12-30Cheaper Than Digging?
2009-12-30Holiday Reading
2009-12-30Osmosis is Just a Fancy Name for Failure
2009-12-28A Seven Per Cent Problem
2009-12-27Dudley and Butte on Software Skills
2009-12-27Taking Notes
2009-12-23Ottawa Is Only #3
2009-12-22Fossil + NoSQL ?
2009-12-18Double Standards
2009-12-16Cross-Country Project Wrapup
2009-12-15The Next Fifty Years in Politics
2009-12-13If You Look Closely, You'll Find Them Everywhere
2009-12-11Peter Watts Needs Your Help
2009-12-11Open the Hatch
2009-12-11A Database And…
2009-12-07Wrapping Up
2009-12-05Twenty Years
2009-12-05A Sea Change
2009-12-01Minority Rule
2009-12-01Subverting Subtlety
2009-11-29Nothing to See Here, Folks---Move Along, Move Along
2009-11-28Thanks, Jamie
2009-11-26Feedback on the Python Book
2009-11-26Caesar's Wife
2009-11-24Greatest Hits
2009-11-24Tutorials Start This Week
2009-11-18Special Issue of Computing in Science and Engineering
2009-11-18What He Said
2009-11-17Evolution in Action
2009-11-16When I Said 'The Last Twenty Years…'
2009-11-16Speaking at CUSEC 2010
2009-11-16Bend It 'Til It Breaks
2009-11-13The Definition of 'Exotic'
2009-11-11Size and Activity
2009-11-11Following Up on the Toronto Innovation Showcase
2009-11-10Cross-Country Projects In January
2009-11-10What Would It Take To Convince You?
2009-11-08Green Web Hosting
2009-11-06Misa Sakamoto on DB2 Technology Explorer
2009-11-06Python in Science
2009-11-05The Greatest Failing of High School Science
2009-11-05Toronto Innovations Showcase
2009-11-03We're Going to PyCon
2009-11-02There's No Such Thing As KeepItGoingCamp
2009-11-01Never Mind the Concurrency, What About the Math?
2009-11-01Our Target Audience
2009-10-29Ten Great Advances in Evolution
2009-10-29Organizing a Tech Event?
2009-10-29Four Days 'Til Showtime
2009-10-25What Would You Ask?
2009-10-23Pictures in Pages
2009-10-23Cryptography Isn't Security
2009-10-21The World Wide Web wasn't publishable
2009-10-21Should Modeling Be Part of This Course?
2009-10-21Creating New Niches
2009-10-21Sometimes You Can't Even Manage What You *Can* Measure
2009-10-17My Lack of Artistic Ability is a Real Handicap
2009-10-17Lunchbox Games
2009-10-17Take Pity On Your Poor Boss
2009-10-16Links and Presentations
2009-10-16Revised Plan
2009-10-13A Less Frequent World
2009-10-09Two More From Mark Guzdial
2009-10-07The Courage to Be Reasonable
2009-10-06Pie Charts!
2009-10-06Comments on Course Reorganization
2009-10-06Asking Yourself Hard Questions
2009-10-06A Solution to My Diagrammaphobia?
2009-10-06Government 2.0 Project Selection
2009-10-05Portals Paper Online
2009-10-05The Hacker Within
2009-10-04Pure Genius
2009-09-29To Read Is To Learn
2009-09-29Good Day, Knitters
2009-09-29A Strange Obsession
2009-09-26Reversible Debugging in GDB 7
2009-09-26Why Don't Students Like School?
2009-09-26Bakka Is Moving (soon)
2009-09-24Top Up vs. Bottom Down
2009-09-24Great Computer Science Educators
2009-09-24T Minus 17 Hours
2009-09-24Presentation, Presentation, Presentation
2009-09-23Applications and Data Sets
2009-09-22Grant Proposal
2009-09-21Another Reason to Care About Provenance
2009-09-21Want to Go to MIT?
2009-09-21Habit Forming
2009-09-18Newer Outline for Software Carpentry
2009-09-18Updated Outline for Revised Course
2009-09-17Government 2.0 Treasure Hunt
2009-09-16Teaching Computational Thinking on the Web in Just Two Hours
2009-09-15First Gov 2.0 Class
2009-09-15Help Wanted: New Version of Software Carpentry Course
2009-09-15Partial Outline of New Version of Course
2009-09-11Two Links
2009-09-10New Book Project
2009-09-08Why I Teach (Part 3)
2009-09-07Upgrading Their Plots
2009-09-06My Other Identities
2009-09-02The Core Literary Technologies of the 21st Century
2009-09-01My Mac Knows That My Thoughts Are Straying
2009-08-31Different Weights, Different Answers
2009-08-30Congratulations to the MarkUs Team
2009-08-30Discussing the Balance
2009-08-28elmcity and WordPress
2009-08-25Announcing Basie Version 0.5
2009-08-25What Processes Do Small Software Teams Use?
2009-08-25Climate Change (Literally) on Trial
2009-08-25Our Experiences Switching to Python
2009-08-24Splitting Scheme
2009-08-24Wrapping Up the Summer
2009-08-24EveryBlock and Toronto
2009-08-24Who Owns Your Data?
2009-08-24Science and JoVE
2009-08-24Playing Safe
2009-08-24Bad News and Good News
2009-08-24Shop Class as Soulcraft
2009-08-23The Delight Is In The Details, Too
2009-08-21Tools for Teams
2009-08-21The Big Picture
2009-08-21City Data Projects
2009-08-2030 and Counting
2009-08-15Anonymizing Student Data
2009-08-15You Can Do a Lot Without Programming
2009-08-15It's Like Not Wearing Your Cleats in the House
2009-08-15Search-Based Software Engineering
2009-08-15Evaluating the Usability of Programming Languages
2009-08-07All I Want for Christmas…
2009-08-06New Blog: Cross-Country Open Source Student Projects
2009-08-06American Scientist Article on How Scientists Use Computers
2009-08-03What *Is* Open Science?
2009-08-02Next Steps
2009-07-31Fall Projects Redux
2009-07-31A Good Afternoon
2009-07-30Another Good Day
2009-07-29Every Day Is a Big Day…
2009-07-29DemoCamp 21
2009-07-28Day 11 and Day 12
2009-07-27Listmania: What's Missing?
2009-07-27A Challenge for Modellers
2009-07-26We're Not Even Listed
2009-07-26Do Iterations Work by Partitioning Choices?
2009-07-26Martin Fenner on SciBarCamp
2009-07-24Day 9
2009-07-24Day 10 Done - and With It, Week 2
2009-07-22Day 8: Getting It Right
2009-07-22Day 7: Lots More Objects
2009-07-21DemoCamp 21 Lineup
2009-07-21Elsevier's Future, Version 0.1
2009-07-21Day 6: Theory and Practice
2009-07-19Day 5
2009-07-17Student Demos at U of T
2009-07-17ASCII Art in Reverse
2009-07-17Day 4
2009-07-16Data Collaboration
2009-07-16We're *Supposed* to Be a Little Old Fashioned
2009-07-16Day 3
2009-07-15Science 2.0 talks in Toronto July 29
2009-07-15Day 2
2009-07-13Aaaand They're Off!
2009-07-12Why I Miss Command-Line Programming
2009-07-12Software Carpentry Starts Tomorrow
2009-07-09Goodbye, Pages
2009-06-30Cross-Canada Undergrad Projects
2009-06-29Who's Getting My Business
2009-06-29Dru Lavigne on Women in Open Source
2009-06-29Quality Control and Traceability
2009-06-29Four Crowdsourcing Lessons
2009-06-29Your Brain Thinks Tools Are Part of Your Body
2009-06-25Mondays This Fall
2009-06-24At Least It's Not Exponential
2009-06-24Buckaroo Banzai vs. Search & Replace
2009-06-22Off We Go…
2009-06-21A Going-Away Present
2009-06-21Cathedrals and Limits
2009-06-18Convocation 2009
2009-06-17Subsistence Farmers With Cellphones
2009-06-16Evidence for All
2009-06-16As the Mind is Bent…
2009-06-15Anthropologists += Many, Please
2009-06-15Competing on Real Stuff
2009-06-15Software Architecture Challenges
2009-06-15Crunch Mode and Burnout
2009-06-08Maybe AJAX Can Actually *Solve* a Problem
2009-06-05A Cautionary Tale About Empirical Studies
2009-06-05QuickBooks for Mac Settlement
2009-06-04What (Some Of) My Students Are Up To
2009-06-04Brains Are Weird
2009-06-04Speed vs. Size
2009-06-01Leapfrogged Again
2009-06-01Big Code vs. Science 2.0
2009-06-01Video Abstracts
2009-06-01Microsoft Vine and Toronto's Data
2009-06-01Guido van Rossum reviews 'Practical Programming'
2009-05-14OCR for Line Drawings?
2009-05-13More Python for Scientists in Toronto
2009-05-13A Package Just Arrived
2009-05-12Suitable for High School Students
2009-05-12Beautiful Testing
2009-05-12Error Handling
2009-05-09Making Is Thinking
2009-05-07Someone Should Be Sued
2009-05-07A Fresh Crop of Summer Interns
2009-05-06Spot the Code Sprint
2009-05-06Project Totem Pole
2009-05-05'Practical Programming' Is Available
2009-05-05Opening Up Toronto's Data
2009-05-01Canada's Response
2009-05-01The Week in Review
2009-05-01Congratulations to Zuzel Vera Pacheco
2009-05-01What If Scientists Didn't Compete?
2009-05-01Something I Don't Know How to Fix
2009-05-01Quack Remedies Spread Faster *Because* They Don't Work
2009-04-30A Selection of Thoughts and a Checklist
2009-04-29Without the Hot Air
2009-04-28The Courage of His Convictions
2009-04-28NSERC Should Just Give the Money Away
2009-04-27Firming Up Software Carpentry Goals
2009-04-23The Penalty For Dishonesty Is Often Borne By Others
2009-04-23What We Mean When We Say 'Community'
2009-04-23What Supervisors Need To Know
2009-04-23We Don't Import Punch Cards Any More
2009-04-23New Software Carpentry Post: What Supervisors Need to Know
2009-04-20Ah, If Only…
2009-04-19Children's Stories for Software Testing
2009-04-17Zero for Six
2009-04-16Current Reading Queue
2009-04-15Getting Ready to Wag the Dog
2009-04-15Database of Empirical Software Engineering Publications
2009-04-15End-of-Term Showcase Went Well
2009-04-14Jon Udell on Computational Thinking
2009-04-09Gender Gap in Startups Worse in IT than Biotech
2009-04-09GSoC Stats: The Last 10% Is The Hardest
2009-04-08Student Project Showcase: April 14 at the Graduate Student Union
2009-04-08Software Carpentry in Alberta
2009-04-01Software Carpentry in Toronto July 13-31 2009
2009-03-31Reassurance Cuddles for CEOs
2009-03-30User Stories
2009-03-29End-of-Term Demos on Tuesday April 14
2009-03-25Inference for R
2009-03-25A Short History of Software Engineering
2009-03-25Umm… Remind Me How We Do This?
2009-03-25Seven Signs of Bogus Science
2009-03-25Recent Reading
2009-03-22What I'd Like To Do Next
2009-03-22Why I Read Less Science Fiction Than I Used To
2009-03-19Actual Meanings of Common Java Exceptions
2009-03-19Keywords Speak Louder Than Words
2009-03-18Maciej Cegłowski on Meltdowns
2009-03-17CS Enrolment Up (a bit, finally)
2009-03-17Legal Frameworks for Reproducible Research
2009-03-15Research in Action Showcase on March 24, 2009
2009-03-15Russian Version of Beautiful Code
2009-03-15POSSE: Teaching Profs About Open Source
2009-03-15Counting Down to 0.2
2009-03-11Barbara Liskov Wins Turing Award
2009-03-10Things I'd Like to Accomplish (Version 2)
2009-03-08I Wish I'd Thought of That
2009-03-06Good Talk by Charles Petzold
2009-03-03DemoCamp 19: Layers of Veggies and a Massive Slice of Ham
2009-03-02Open Science and Autism's False Prophets
2009-03-01DemoCamp 19: Who Do You Know?
2009-02-28Software Carpentry Viewership Down Again
2009-02-27A Good Week for Weird Fish
2009-02-24Transparent Head, Tubular Eyes
2009-02-24Charles Petzold Talking at U of T on March 5
2009-02-23Das Kapital, Computational Thinking, and Productivity
2009-02-22'…And Thousands of Their Closest Friends'
2009-02-22Bugs Everywhere
2009-02-21Code Sprint Wrap-Up
2009-02-20DemoCamp: Good News and Bad News
2009-02-19Many-to-Many in REST?
2009-02-19Reading Week Code Sprint
2009-02-18Computer Supported Collaborative Science
2009-02-15Reading Update
2009-02-12Maybe Some People Can't Afford Free
2009-02-12How Dare They Hold Us Accountable?
2009-02-12Jason Cohen Thinks Aloud
2009-02-11History Is Written By The Victors
2009-02-11Science in the Open
2009-02-11Thanks, Guys
2009-02-05A Story's Not Really Over…
2009-02-02Theory vs. Practice: Shall E'er the Twain Meet?
2009-02-01Once More Unto the REST
2009-01-30Communicate First, Standardize Second
2009-01-28Congratulations to Samira, Jeremy, and Carolyn
2009-01-27Web Native Lab Notebooks
2009-01-277 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me
2009-01-26Virtualization vs. Web Services
2009-01-26Where My Time Is Going
2009-01-23A New Kind of Big Science
2009-01-22Safe Server Side Build and Test
2009-01-212008 Smiley Award
2009-01-21Intellectual Infidelity
2009-01-21Text Is Still King
2009-01-17Graduate Students
2009-01-15I Know It's Just In My Head…
2009-01-15Update on This Term's Projects
2009-01-14Beautiful Architecture
2009-01-14Making Up Grading Schemes
2009-01-13When Is A Book Finished?
2009-01-11Where My Time Goes
2009-01-10I *Want* To Be A Number
2009-01-09Four New Countries
2009-01-05Project/Client Needed for Talented Student Interested in Programming Languages
2009-01-03Graduating in a Recession
2009-01-02This Term's Projects