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2010-12-31: Software Carpentry Bootcamp Jan 12-14 in Madison

2010-12-30: In the Home Stretch

2010-12-29: Instead of PowerPoint

2010-12-29: More Musings on the Value of a PhD

2010-12-29: Tagging and Debugging

2010-12-28: Falk and Dierking's 95% Solution

2010-12-27: You're Never Too Old for Space Camp

2010-12-27: It's a Shame People Don't Get Credit

2010-12-27: Open Research Computation

2010-12-27: Elimination

2010-12-26: Local Subversion Repositories

2010-12-23: Extended Examples

2010-12-22: So How'd I Do?

2010-12-21: Compute Canada's 'Strategic' Plan Isn't

2010-12-20: I Still Read

2010-12-15: Building a Recommendation Engine with NumPy

2010-12-14: Presents for the Holidays

2010-12-13: Blinkered, Not Graceful

2010-12-10: Performance and Parallelism

2010-12-09: Where Are My Keys?

2010-12-08: How Do You Manage a Terabyte?

2010-12-06: Pins, Balls, and Arbitrary Decisions

2010-12-02: Dr. Tae is Full of Crap

2010-12-02: Chapters Are Coming In...

2010-12-02: Programmer Competency Matrix

2010-12-02: Prerequisites (or, When to Say No)

2010-12-02: Peer to Peer

2010-12-02: Cast Your Votes

2010-11-30: End of an Era

2010-11-30: We're Number Six!

2010-11-22: Michael Feathers on "Making Software"

2010-11-16: Ratios and Rework

2010-11-12: More Good Science

2010-11-09: On My Way Home

2010-11-05: Done In London

2010-10-30: Would You Prefer...

2010-10-30: Need Something to Debug

2010-10-30: Dubois on Maintaining Correctness

2010-10-29: Random Hacks of Kindness

2010-10-28: An Uncertain Thing

2010-10-28: Feedback at UKMO

2010-10-27: ComputerWorld Canada Educator of the Year

2010-10-21: Making Sense

2010-10-20: Unfortunately Rather Dry

2010-10-20: Everything Old Is New Again

2010-10-20: Give The Patrons What They Want

2010-10-19: Peter Norvig on Python

2010-10-18: They're All Small Devices Now

2010-10-17: Ratings Revised

2010-10-14: Nature Article on Scientific Programming

2010-10-14: Five Rules for Computational Scientists

2010-10-14: Dexy

2010-10-08: Pretty Pictures

2010-10-08: Yes, We *Can* Design Languages for Human Beings

2010-10-08: "Making Software" Covers

2010-10-05: How Long Is This MP4?

2010-10-04: UCOSP: That's Me in the Middle

2010-10-04: Total Donations

2010-10-04: Aaaand We're Off!

2010-09-30: Tracking Utility and Impact

2010-09-27: Knitters Needed!

2010-09-23: Software Carpentry at UCSF

2010-09-22: Response Has Been Overwhelming

2010-09-20: Your Favorite Running Examples?

2010-09-18: The Stupid, It Still Burns

2010-09-17: Today

2010-09-15: Testing Scientific Software

2010-09-14: Software Carpentry Offered Online in Fall 2010 (for Ontario students)

2010-09-13: Will America's Universities Go The Way Of Its Car Companies?

2010-09-12: It Shouldn't Hurt This Much

2010-09-09: And For My Next Trick...

2010-09-05: Games I'll Never Make

2010-09-04: The Evils of Email

2010-09-04: "...more frequently begets confidence..."

2010-09-03: In Praise of PowerPoint (sort of)

2010-08-26: Another Update on What You Want

2010-08-25: Three Rules for Supervising Student Programming Projects

2010-08-25: What I Install

2010-08-23: What Don't You Understand That You'd Like To?

2010-08-16: Seven Non-Myths

2010-08-16: 43% Independent

2010-08-16: Students and Code Review

2010-08-16: "Still" in On Spec

2010-08-12: Interview with Cameron Neylon

2010-08-06: Congratulations to Jorge Aranda

2010-08-05: Python in CS1 is Growing Fast

2010-08-05: UCOSP Goes to OSCON

2010-08-05: Software Carpentry for Audio and Music Researchers

2010-08-05: An Answer That Most Students Won't Understand

2010-08-04: I'm Still Sort of a Professor

2010-08-03: Open Source, Open Science in 1999

2010-08-02: Interview with Sergey Fomel

2010-07-31: Interview with Davor Cubranic

2010-07-30: It's Less Funny When It's Your Life

2010-07-30: XKCD on University Web Sites

2010-07-29: Survey Update

2010-07-28: Mark Guzdial on Software Carpentry

2010-07-24: Interview with David Wallace

2010-07-22: An Idea Whose Time Is Long Overdue

2010-07-22: Apparently We're Less Creative

2010-07-21: Popular, Fast, or Usable: Pick One

2010-07-20: Interview with The Hackers Within

2010-07-20: Interview with STSci's Perry Greenfield

2010-07-20: A Note on Tools

2010-07-20: Closed Feels Weirder Every Day

2010-07-19: BP Buying Up Scientists

2010-07-18: The Strengths of the Small

2010-07-18: City of Toronto Releases New Data Sets

2010-07-18: Jon's Notes on G20

2010-07-18: The Molecular Workbench and When a Book Becomes an App

2010-07-18: An Interview with Hans Petter Langtangen

2010-07-18: A Gentle Introduction

2010-07-16: "Making Software" Now Available on Rough Cuts

2010-07-16: An Interesting Comment on Academic Life

2010-07-15: Survey Results

2010-07-13: Interview: Andrew Lumsdaine of Indiana University

2010-07-11: Interview with Michigan State's Titus Brown

2010-07-10: HPC and Programmability

2010-07-08: Interview: SciNet's Daniel Gruner

2010-07-07: It's Gone to Production

2010-07-07: Using Science to Design This Course

2010-07-06: That's, Uh, Pretty Ambitious

2010-07-06: Hubs, Spokes, and Gonzo Programming Skills

2010-06-29: The Violas of Programming

2010-06-28: Rich, Famous, and Popular

2010-06-27: Conflict Minerals and Blood Tech

2010-06-24: SIAM News Article About Software Carpentry

2010-06-24: Another Example of small-p Patterns

2010-06-24: And the Winner Is...

2010-06-24: Chas Has Code!

2010-06-24: Another Quote from Mark Guzdial

2010-06-24: A Quote from Marian Petre

2010-06-22: Cross-Country Undergrad Projects This Fall

2010-06-21: Interview with Microsoft's David Rich

2010-06-20: A Damn Good Book

2010-06-18: People You Don't Want On Your Team

2010-06-18: For World Cup Fans (and Everyone Else)

2010-06-17: George Orwell is Blogging

2010-06-16: Is Live Coding Worth It?

2010-06-16: A Voice from the Back of the Room

2010-06-15: Next-Gen Sequencing Course at MSU: It Went Well

2010-06-14: Interview: Mark Plumbley at Queen Mary University of London

2010-06-12: The Cowichan Problems

2010-06-11: Thought for the Day

2010-06-11: Interview: David Jackson at the UK Met Office

2010-06-11: Interview: SHARCNET's Hugh Couchman

2010-06-11: Counting Things

2010-06-11: Words to Live By

2010-06-10: The Big Picture (version 3)

2010-06-10: Interview: Jim Graham of Scimatic

2010-06-07: A Concept Map for Software Carpentry

2010-06-07: The Big Picture (version 2)

2010-06-04: Learn a (Human) Language In Your Browser

2010-06-04: Concept Map

2010-06-01: Who Reports On The Other 97 Per Cent?

2010-05-29: Jonathan Edwards' "Mea Culpa"

2010-05-29: Jim Graham on Reproducibility

2010-05-27: Origins Unknown

2010-05-27: Badges and Stars

2010-05-27: A Few Things You May Not Have Known About Andrew Wakefield

2010-05-27: I'm Not a Lawyer...

2010-05-23: Word Is Spreading

2010-05-22: The Practice of Software Development

2010-05-20: The Architecture of Open Source Applications

2010-05-19: Evaluating Methods and Protocols

2010-05-19: Software Carpentry Progress

2010-05-18: We'll Know We've Succeeded If...

2010-05-17: Day 11: Slides

2010-05-14: Why Most Scientists Don't Like Computers

2010-05-14: Day 10: Closed Captioning

2010-05-13: Day 9: Programming

2010-05-12: Glad We Could Help

2010-05-11: It's Complicated

2010-05-10: Why We're Self-Hosting

2010-05-10: Day 6: Screencast With Point-Form Notes

2010-05-09: Microsoft

2010-05-07: World Record Knitting Attempt Saturday June 12

2010-05-07: Day 5: A Different Kind of Screencast

2010-05-06: Articles of Faith

2010-05-06: Is It a Web App?

2010-05-06: Day 4: First Preliminary Alpha Test Etc. Screencast

2010-05-04: Day 2: More Sticky Notes

2010-05-04: Day 1: Shuffling Sticky Notes Around

2010-05-03: Do You Speak Database? Then We Need You!

2010-05-03: Peter Watts' Ordeal Is Over (Kind Of)

2010-05-03: Thanks For All the Pitches, Too

2010-05-03: Setting Up a New Windows Machine

2010-05-02: T Minus One

2010-05-02: Missing Mesh

2010-04-26: GSoC 2010

2010-04-25: ...And Thanks For All The Fish

2010-04-22: Measure and Manage

2010-04-22: Congratulations to Jason and Jon

2010-04-21: Ill-Informed Commentary Considered Harmful

2010-04-16: File Sharing for Scientists

2010-04-15: Scimatic Sponsorship

2010-04-13: Recovering From Functional Programming

2010-04-12: The Chilling Effect of the GPL

2010-04-12: On the Failure of Inquiry-Based Teaching

2010-04-12: Professors *Can* Teach Open Source

2010-04-12: Perpetuating Imbalance?

2010-04-12: Teaching Open Source

2010-04-12: More on Instructional Design

2010-04-11: Measuring Science

2010-04-11: Another Software Carpentry Update

2010-04-09: PSF Membership

2010-04-08: Software Carpentry for Economists in Mannheim This Autumn

2010-04-08: Platforms

2010-04-07: How Do You See Maps?

2010-04-06: Communication Matters Most

2010-04-04: Feedback and Boundaries

2010-04-03: Can You Name the Programming Language?

2010-04-01: Simon Singh Wins (and So Does Science)

2010-04-01: Models To Imitate

2010-03-31: This is History? This is Science?

2010-03-31: Happy Birthday, Madeleine

2010-03-30: Why Do Students Cheat?

2010-03-30: For Those With Only a Passing Interest in Software Carpentry...

2010-03-30: DemoCamp 26

2010-03-30: Formats

2010-03-29: What's Not on the Reading List

2010-03-26: Online Delivery

2010-03-26: Instructional Design

2010-03-25: Software Carpentry Version 4 is a Go!

2010-03-25: Summer Course: Analyzing Next-Generation Sequencing Data

2010-03-24: Summer Course on Analyzing Next-Generation Sequencing Data

2010-03-24: Ada Lovelace Day

2010-03-22: Did I Pass?

2010-03-22: Robin Milner: 1934-2010

2010-03-18: GSoC 2010 Organizations Announced

2010-03-18: What Do You See?

2010-03-18: Testing With Random Data

2010-03-18: Wise Daughters and Winter's End

2010-03-17: You Never Want to Be on the Other Side of the Table From This Guy

2010-03-17: Adaptation in Action

2010-03-17: Natural Language Wins (Kind Of)

2010-03-15: 80% Reducation In Carbon? No, In Media Coverage

2010-03-15: A Broad Definition

2010-03-15: Currently Juggling

2010-03-15: Master of Science in Applied Computing

2010-03-14: What's Wrong With This Plan?

2010-03-13: Something That Won't Be On The Final Exam

2010-03-13: SIGCSE 2010 Wrap-Up

2010-03-13: Bottom-Up, Top-Down, and Back to the Future

2010-03-13: An Army of Interns

2010-03-11: The Past Is Still Here Too, and It Too Is Unevenly Distributed

2010-03-11: Graphing Ass Pain in the Third Dimension

2010-03-11: Choosing The Change We Want To Be

2010-03-11: Stephen Walli on Book Publishing

2010-03-11: What Would You Do For Five Dollars?

2010-03-11: Don't Ask, Don't Tell --- Really

2010-03-11: How Much Of This Should Scientists Understand?

2010-03-11: Code Review Walkthrough

2010-03-08: Offer, Then Ask

2010-03-04: This Is How I Want My Daughter To Think

2010-03-04: The Tool I Want

2010-03-03: More on Computational Thinking

2010-03-02: What We've Learned

2010-03-01: Universe of Stone

2010-02-28: Winter!

2010-02-28: Women in Startups

2010-02-28: Panton Principles

2010-02-24: Times Nine in a Year

2010-02-24: Kafka and American Airlines

2010-02-24: Twitter Makes Rhinos Of Us All

2010-02-22: BEACON Funded!

2010-02-21: PyCon 2010

2010-02-17: Rory Tulk on Software Testing

2010-02-16: Basie 0.6 Has Been Released

2010-02-15: So What Should I Say At PyCon?

2010-02-12: Two Views

2010-02-09: TestDrive

2010-02-09: Signs of the Times

2010-02-03: Dumber Is Productiver

2010-02-03: This Morning's Conversation With My Cable Service Provider

2010-02-02: Engineering Thinking

2010-02-02: Before We Get Too Excited About Online Education...

2010-02-02: Upcoming Talks

2010-02-01: Two Steps Up, One Step Back

2010-01-31: I Don't Care Until I Can Check

2010-01-28: About Time

2010-01-25: A Student-Run DemoCamp at U of T

2010-01-25: CUSEC 2010

2010-01-24: Brazilian Government's Experience with Open Source

2010-01-24: It Seems That Everyone Cares

2010-01-22: CUSEC

2010-01-21: More on Mining

2010-01-20: We Can Only Interview the Survivors

2010-01-20: Someone Leaves School, Someone Comes to School

2010-01-20: Punctuate! Punctuate! Punctuate!

2010-01-20: Big Science == Big Skills Gap

2010-01-19: How Are The Mighty Fallen

2010-01-18: The Secrets of Evolution Are Time and Death

2010-01-18: Was Designed To, But Didn't

2010-01-15: We're Apparently Still Not a Science

2010-01-13: We Made A Thing!

2010-01-13: Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?

2010-01-13: Podcast with Jon Udell

2010-01-12: Interviewed by Jon Udell

2010-01-12: Vote!

2010-01-12: Quiet Time

2010-01-12: Google and China

2010-01-10: More Public Embarrassment About Workflows

2010-01-10: Code vs. Messages

2010-01-10: How We Got Here, and Where We Are

2010-01-07: Projects This Term

2010-01-07: A Broken Pledge

2010-01-07: Aranda on SEMAT

2010-01-07: Changing Gears

2010-01-07: The Design of Fossil

2010-01-05: Web Workflows and Public Embarrassment