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2011-12-31The Fire Last Time
2011-12-31Some Responses to Some Comments
2011-12-30Fork, Merge, and Share
2011-12-24What Success Looks Like Five Years Out
2011-12-24Organizing Instruction and Study to Improve Student Learning
2011-12-21Well, I Think the Gray Makes Me Look Distinguished
2011-12-20What I've Learned So Far
2011-12-20It Just Keeps On Hurting
2011-12-19Na Shledanou
2011-12-18Looking for Grassroots Teaching Groups
2011-12-16PowerPoint + Visio, but in Javascript?
2011-12-07How to Teach Webcraft and Programming to Free-Range Students
2011-12-06Lest We Forget
2011-12-02Iron Triangles Are Great—Everyone Should Have One
2011-12-02And Then… A Preview
2011-12-01Direct Reports and Self-Directed Learning
2011-11-30Where's My Shell?
2011-11-30Good News and Bad News
2011-11-30The Greatest Story Never Told
2011-11-29Three Short Thoughts
2011-11-27Day 27 of Movember 2011
2011-11-18Accessible to All?
2011-11-18Show Me the Data
2011-11-18Quantifying Installation Costs
2011-11-14Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back?
2011-11-14Here's What I've Learned So Far
2011-11-14Surviving the Tsunami
2011-11-14Clearing Up Code
2011-11-10Vulgarity Isn't Honesty (or, Who's Welcome Here?)
2011-11-08Happy Birthday
2011-11-08The Ladder of Abstraction and the Future of Online Teaching
2011-11-08The Best vs. the Good
2011-11-02The 1970s Called…
2011-11-01Well That Certainly Got Some Attention
2011-10-31D is for Digital
2011-10-24Looking for a Writing Space in Toronto
2011-10-24Demand Fair Play for Fauja Singh
2011-10-22Research Without Walls
2011-10-21What I Like Doing
2011-10-20My Aspect Ratio Seems to Have Changed
2011-10-19American Scientist Article on Empirical Studies of Software Engineering
2011-10-14The Science Code Manifesto's Five C's
2011-10-11Running Partners
2011-10-06Insufficient Purity Considered Harmful
2011-10-05D Is For Digital
2011-10-05Revamping This Site
2011-09-27A Buddhist For Three Weeks
2011-09-22And Then…
2011-09-22We Will Soon Have News
2011-09-22Slightly Narcisissistic
2011-09-22Plus Ca Change…
2011-09-20If Only This Thing Had An Engine!
2011-09-20I'm Not Normally Lost for Words
2011-09-19Past and Future
2011-09-17The Simplest Web That Could Possibly Work
2011-09-16Extensible Programming: A New Hope
2011-09-13Progress Of A Sort
2011-09-09Lovecraft and the Tea Party
2011-09-08What Happens When You Install Something?
2011-09-07Ladies Learning Code #2: HTML and CSS on Sept 24
2011-09-05Where is the Puck Going to Be?
2011-09-02Teaching Security to Scientists
2011-09-01Renting Cycles Has Never Been Easier
2011-08-25AOSA Volume 2 Roster
2011-08-25Three Paradigms (or, Why LLC Should Teach Javascript)
2011-08-24And We'll Change The World
2011-08-23Jack Layton: 1950-2011
2011-08-22Code Coverage in Lernanta
2011-08-21First Draft
2011-08-21Today Was a Good Day
2011-08-19You're Going to Show This to People When I'm Grown Up, Aren't You?
2011-08-19As Excited as a Bumble Bee in a Squash Patch
2011-08-18Spelling, Fairness, and JavaScript
2011-08-17Demos Reinforce Errors, and Confusion is Good
2011-08-08Introducing Programming a Different Way
2011-08-06Muriel (Jo) Campbell: 1930-2011
2011-08-06Learning Lernanta: We're Live!
2011-08-04Computing in Physics 101: What We're Doing Wrong
2011-07-31Added to Wish List
2011-07-24My OSCON'11 Hall of Fame
2011-07-22Software Carpentry in HPCWire
2011-07-20The Case of Abinit
2011-07-20Material from Newcastle Workshop Now Available
2011-07-20How Much Do You Need?
2011-07-20Wait, Not That Bit!
2011-07-19Ladies Learning Code: JavaScript (Toronto, August 6)
2011-07-15The Finger Is Not The Test
2011-07-13Learning Lernanta
2011-07-12Grown-Up Languages
2011-07-11Architecture of Open Source Applications Webinars July 13 and 20
2011-07-10Stanford Course Went Well
2011-07-09Cross-Country Student Projects This Fall
2011-07-09Home Again
2011-07-01Mentioned in Nature Methods
2011-06-29It Will Never Work in Theory
2011-06-26Architecture Stats
2011-06-20Doing the Math
2011-06-15Mostly Pleased, But…
2011-06-14A New Look
2011-06-13It Shouldn't Still Hurt This Much
2011-06-12Daddy, What's Wrong?
2011-06-12If You're Going to Teach an Undergrad Intro to Software Engineering…
2011-06-11Now Available on Kindle
2011-06-10Hermes FTW
2011-06-07Blueprints Are Not Architecture
2011-06-07Practical Computing for Everyone (not just biologists)
2011-06-04Thanks, Google!
2011-06-04Programming for Scientists at Newcastle University: June 20, 2011
2011-06-03Refactoring Yahoo! Pipes
2011-06-02T Plus 10 Days
2011-05-29My New Job
2011-05-29Coming Up Next (We Hope)
2011-05-28You Doesn't Exist
2011-05-28So What's It Like Publishing a Book Yourself?
2011-05-28What's There Instead
2011-05-27It's Not Theory vs. Practice, It's Two Solitudes
2011-05-26How We Got Here, and Where We're Going
2011-05-23The Architecture of Open Source Applications is Now Available
2011-05-21Why Does Flask Lose My Post Data When It Redirects?
2011-05-20How Do Actual Software Engineers Perceive Software Engineering Research?
2011-05-19Beta Book
2011-05-18Catalog Models Like Views and Controllers
2011-05-16Greg's New Gig
2011-05-14More Interested in the Asides
2011-05-13End of an Era
2011-05-13Damn the Torpedoes (but I could use some help navigating)
2011-05-06The Architecture of Open Source Applications
2011-04-28Just a Couple of Weeks Away
2011-04-22In Praise of Street Fighting
2011-04-18Holding Up a Mirror
2011-04-12Random Hacks of Kindness June 4-5 2011
2011-04-09By The Numbers
2011-04-08Table of Contents
2011-04-06It's Complicated
2011-04-03An Ounce vs. A Pound
2011-03-31Harder Than It Should Be
2011-03-30Practical Computing for Scientists at Stanford
2011-03-26And I'm on a Horse
2011-03-24A Better Way to Teach Programming to Scientists
2011-03-22You'll Need a Large Screen
2011-03-22I'd Settle for 0.1%
2011-03-21Videos of Autumn School Lectures
2011-03-20The Kind of Job I Want
2011-03-1812 Days Ago
2011-03-17Questions and Answers
2011-03-16More Changes
2011-03-16Graph Layout, Models vs. Views, and Computational Thinking
2011-03-15A Season of Changes
2011-03-15Twenty Questions (Minus Two)
2011-03-12Dying Breeds
2011-03-12What To Demand
2011-03-11Musing About Reorganization
2011-03-09Who's Cribbing Who?
2011-03-09High Tech That Looks Low Tech
2011-03-07Literate Programming
2011-03-01Tuple Spaces (or, Good Ideas Don't Always Win)
2011-02-25We Got a Mention in Comm. ACM
2011-02-24An Easy Place to Start: Systems Programming
2011-02-22What Better Looks Like
2011-02-18Giving Ourselves Permission
2011-02-17Reddit on Scientific Programming
2011-02-16I Want Their Software
2011-02-15Top Ten Why Nots
2011-02-11If I Was 19…
2011-02-11Ground Up, in No Particular Order
2011-02-09DemoCamp 28 on Feb 22
2011-02-09Let's Talk
2011-02-08What Computational Science Means to Me
2011-01-28StreetKnit on Canada AM
2011-01-26Thinking Like the Web
2011-01-26The Case Against Peer Review
2011-01-26Software Carpentry Sprint in July
2011-01-23A Week of Public Accountability
2011-01-21Scientists Aren't Stupid: Software Is
2011-01-20AOSA Update
2011-01-20MIT Rethinking OpenCourseWare
2011-01-20How to Cite Software Carpentry
2011-01-19Making System Administrators' Lives Easier
2011-01-17Demographics (part two)
2011-01-16Demographics (part one)
2011-01-14The Hacker Within
2011-01-14Our Funding Pitch
2011-01-13Jon Udell in Toronto Jan 18 2011
2011-01-10McConnell Responds to Bossavit
2011-01-10Software Carpentry in One Picture and Five Words
2011-01-06Gibson's Law in the Small
2011-01-06What I Learned From Software Carpentry
2011-01-05Cognitive Dissonance
2011-01-05We Are the Frogs