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2012-12-30: Why We Need Evidence

2012-12-29: What Will Programming Look Like in 2020?

2012-12-26: Why I Didn't Like "The Dark Knight Rises"

2012-12-23: Computer Science Curricula 2013

2012-12-21: Sample Data Management Plans

2012-12-21: Code of Conduct

2012-12-19: Internet Humor from my Mum

2012-12-19: Minutes from 2012-12-19 09:00:00 All-Hands Meeting

2012-12-16: You've Shown Me the C, Now Where's the Python?

2012-12-15: Lorena Barba's Reproducibility PI Manifesto

2012-12-14: Would You Like Your Programming Language to Have a Million Users?

2012-12-12: Empirical Evidence for the Value of Version Control?

2012-12-11: Some of the Things We've Learned About Teaching Git

2012-12-09: What To Work On In 2013

2012-12-08: ElmCity Reaches Toronto

2012-12-06: Two Solitudes Illustrated

2012-12-05: Why Be an Instructor

2012-12-05: Who Can Run a Software Carpentry Workshop?

2012-12-05: Sustainability

2012-12-05: Six Years Later

2012-12-05: Our First Hackathon

2012-11-30: Good News About Software Carpentry (and More)

2012-11-27: Alpha Testing Ideas for the IPython Notebook

2012-11-25: Titus Brown on the Scripps Institute Bootcamp

2012-11-19: If Udacity is Napster, Who Will Be iTunes?

2012-11-19: Who Wants To Build a Faded Example Tool for the IPython Notebook?

2012-11-19: The Tool (I Think) We Need To Do Peer Instruction Online

2012-11-17: Updating Our Reading List

2012-11-16: Who Wants To Write a Little Code?

2012-11-16: Matt Davis's Great Californian Adventure

2012-11-15: This Is What We Do

2012-11-13: Pre-Assessment

2012-11-07: UCOSP Has Grown

2012-11-06: More Tips

2012-11-05: Who Decides?

2012-11-03: How to Help at a Bootcamp

2012-11-02: I'd Like an Argument, Please

2012-11-01: Oxford Wrap-Up (with charts!)

2012-11-01: Charging and Being Charged

2012-10-31: Princess Darth Vader

2012-10-30: Minutes from 2012-10-29 All-Hands Meeting

2012-10-28: Usability Testing and Instructional Design

2012-10-27: Why This Is Hard (Part Deux)

2012-10-26: Two Self-Assessments

2012-10-26: Counting to Five (or, A Plan for Online Tutorials and What's Wrong With It)

2012-10-25: Prime Numbers, Biologists, and Data Visualization

2012-10-24: An Apology to the OSC (was: Calling All [Male] Junior Aerospace Engineers)

2012-10-23: Twenty Percent

2012-10-23: Key Points

2012-10-23: 25 Questions

2012-10-22: Getting Credit

2012-10-22: Excel Isn't Intrinsically Evil

2012-10-21: Why Teaching People to Program Is Hard

2012-10-20: True in Software, True in Life

2012-10-17: I Screwed Up (or, Why Automation Isn't Always a Good Thing)

2012-10-16: Offline Rendering of WordPress Blog Posts?

2012-10-12: Rebuilding Redux

2012-10-10: Two Views

2012-10-10: Dark Matter, Public Health, and Scientific Computing

2012-10-05: Convergent Evolution

2012-10-04: USV's "Research" on Online Education: Well, That's Depressing

2012-10-04: Wanted: An Entry-Level Provenance Library

2012-10-03: Best Practices for Scientific Computing

2012-10-01: UCOSP

2012-10-01: What Would You Like in an Instructor's Guide?

2012-09-30: The Real Hard Work

2012-09-30: Oslo and Columbia

2012-09-26: Computational Thinking and Ice Floating in Bathtubs

2012-09-20: Why This Stuff Is Hard To Teach

2012-09-18: What's In Your Stack?

2012-09-16: Does Your Software Look Like This?

2012-09-16: Systematic Curriculum Design

2012-09-12: Patterns Wanted

2012-09-09: A Few Books I've Enjoyed Recently

2012-09-06: How Quickly Do Workshops Fill Up?

2012-09-04: Not Really Disjoint

2012-09-04: Free As In Pretty Much Whatever You Want

2012-09-04: Final Results of Demographic Survey

2012-09-02: Lifted by the Audience

2012-09-01: Shaping the Next Generation (or, the exam defines the course defines the discipline)

2012-08-29: Please Help the Hunter Family

2012-08-29: A Problem With Badges

2012-08-24: PyCon 2013 Talks I Would Like To See

2012-08-22: Ten Questions for Researchers

2012-08-21: An Updated List of Upcoming Workshops

2012-08-21: Two Solitudes (talk)

2012-08-20: What We Talk About When We Talk About Software Carpentry

2012-08-17: Who Are You?

2012-08-16: Slide-Drive is Live

2012-08-16: Alpha Test of Driver's License Exam

2012-08-15: Is This Really Necessary?

2012-08-14: Cover Stories

2012-08-14: Interview about Software Carpentry (and Education)

2012-08-14: Applying Pedagogical Principles in This Course

2012-08-14: A Question and Answer Matrix for Software Carpentry

2012-08-01: We're Going to Be Busy

2012-07-30: Record and Playback

2012-07-28: Software Carpentry Needs You!

2012-07-22: IPython Notebook + Towtruck + Etherpad + Slide Drive = Win

2012-07-21: How Robust Is Your Programming Language?

2012-07-18: Eyes, Brains, and Fingers

2012-07-17: Wrapping Up in Halifax

2012-07-10: Wrapping Up in Boston

2012-07-05: Independent Assessment of the Past Six Months

2012-06-29: That Seems Simple to Me

2012-06-27: Where We Are (June 2012 edition)

2012-06-27: A Supercomputing Driver's License

2012-06-26: Two Posts on Scientific Workflows

2012-06-26: Pessimism and Doom

2012-06-26: Handling Variant Configuration Files

2012-06-25: If You Want to Teach, Isn't It Only Fair to Learn a Few Things First?

2012-06-18: A Busy Week (And Schwag!)

2012-06-18: Combining Functional and Imperative Programming for Multicore Software: An Empirical Study Evaluating Scala and Java

2012-06-15: This Week's Tutorials

2012-06-15: Pretty Well Sums It Up

2012-06-15: Tiny Transactions on Computer Science

2012-06-14: The Past Is Here Too

2012-06-14: All Entries for the Executable Paper Grand Challenge

2012-06-12: "My daughter cannot speak without this app."

2012-06-10: Where the Time Goes

2012-06-10: First Workshop on Maintainable Software Practices in e-Science

2012-06-08: We Get Mail

2012-06-08: But the Greatest of These Is...

2012-06-07: Responsibility, Timidity, and the Bird's Eye View

2012-06-07: Ten Simple Rules

2012-06-04: What Skills Are Required to Implement Open Access?

2012-06-04: Software Carpentry: The E-Book Version?

2012-05-29: How to Run a Bootcamp

2012-05-27: What to Read If You're Teaching Software Carpentry

2012-05-24: Everything You Need to Know About Standardized Testing

2012-05-24: No CT Without PL

2012-05-24: Feedback from the University of British Columbia

2012-05-23: Alone and Misunderstood

2012-05-22: She Can Ride Her Bike!

2012-05-22: Citing Versions

2012-05-20: What's Wrong With All This?

2012-05-19: Space at Upcoming Events

2012-05-18: The Most Important Scientific Result Published in the Last Year

2012-05-18: Feedback from Alberta

2012-05-18: Willingness to Share Research Data Is Related to the Strength of the Evidence and the Quality of Reporting of Statistical Results

2012-05-17: Do Faster Releases Improve Software Quality?

2012-05-15: Fooling the Internet

2012-05-14: Why We Built It

2012-05-12: Feedback from Michigan State

2012-05-11: Teach Teachers What They Use, Teach Kids Where They Are

2012-05-11: Run My Code

2012-05-10: Fish and Bugs

2012-05-09: Tips for Teachers

2012-05-08: Architecture of Open Source Applications: Volume 2

2012-05-06: Cohesive and Isolated Development with Branches

2012-05-03: A Review of 'Code Simplicity'

2012-04-28: Stop Me If You've Heard This One

2012-04-25: Slide Drive

2012-04-18: Behind the Scenes (or, the Ethics of Cultivating Discontent)

2012-04-17: In Search of Prior Arguments

2012-04-17: Halfway Home

2012-04-17: GitHub for Education

2012-04-16: Utah State University Wrap-Up

2012-04-14: We're Neutral (but Not Really)

2012-04-11: Lives Lived

2012-04-10: Straw Man for Web Programming

2012-04-09: ...Which Is Wrong

2012-04-09: A Future Student

2012-04-06: Greener Grass

2012-04-06: Titus Brown Finds a Theme

2012-04-06: On Crossing Australia (or, Further Thoughts on What to Teach Researchers about the Web)

2012-04-03: Seventy Years After

2012-04-03: Maybe That's Why

2012-04-03: Congratulations to Max and Marcus

2012-04-03: A Four-Day Curriculum

2012-04-01: What to Teach Researchers About the Web

2012-04-01: Sending Email Back in Time

2012-03-30: Wrapping Up in Oakland

2012-03-30: What We Teach in Two Days

2012-03-30: Maintaining Momentum

2012-03-28: Wrapping Up MBARI Workshop

2012-03-22: Two Questions After the Audrey Test

2012-03-18: Informed Choice and the Audrey Test

2012-03-18: The Dark Matter of Computational Science

2012-03-16: Wrapping Up the STScI Course

2012-03-16: Thank You, Enthought

2012-03-16: What I Learned From My P2PU Course

2012-03-15: The Audrey Test

2012-03-15: First Homework for Indiana Students (and a few from Ontario)

2012-03-14: Where Next for the Next-Gen Course (and Software Carpentry)?

2012-03-14: How We're Doing

2012-03-14: Ask the CompuScienceGeek?

2012-03-10: An Observation

2012-03-09: What's the Model, Kenneth?

2012-03-09: Our Indiana U Workshop Went Well

2012-03-07: I Resemble That Remark

2012-03-05: Programs as Experimental Apparatus

2012-03-05: Help Us Write Assessment Questions

2012-03-05: Happy People

2012-03-04: Performance Curves, Curriculum Design, and Trust

2012-03-03: A Week of Retroactive Accountability

2012-03-01: Why I Think "YouTube for Textbooks" is a Bad Idea

2012-03-01: ULP (or, This is tricky and perhaps profound)

2012-03-01: Toronto Bootcamp February 2012: How We Did

2012-03-01: Inscight from Trieste

2012-02-29: Why "Do Not Track" Matters

2012-02-29: Inbound and Outbound for a Day

2012-02-29: Worth Reading, Worth Watching

2012-02-28: Reproducibility Redux

2012-02-27: Frustration (continued)

2012-02-27: Badges (Finalized)

2012-02-24: Fourth (or Sixth) Online Tutorial

2012-02-22: Converting PowerPoint to SVG: Help Needed

2012-02-22: What Deep Thoughts Look Like

2012-02-22: Watch Me: Trial Run

2012-02-22: Granules of Research

2012-02-21: Why Not to Use Python

2012-02-21: Badges (Mark 1)

2012-02-21: Assessment Redux

2012-02-19: A Flash (well, MP4) from the Past

2012-02-16: How They See Us, Part N

2012-02-16: Teachers Matter - Do Programmers?

2012-02-15: And Speaking of New...

2012-02-14: Stack Underflow?

2012-02-14: New Kinds of Content

2012-02-13: How Many Legs Does Science Have?

2012-02-13: Formatting Revisited

2012-02-13: He Would Have Appreciated the Irony

2012-02-12: Pre-Workshop Questionnaire

2012-02-10: Audrey Watters on Software Carpentry

2012-02-09: Comparing Software Carpentry to CS Principles

2012-02-07: Why We Don't Teach Parallel Computing in Software Carpentry

2012-02-03: We're Going to Be Busy

2012-02-03: First Online Tutorial

2012-02-02: Bullshit, Appropriation, and Technology in Education

2012-02-01: On Algorithmic Thinking

2012-02-01: Old Soup in New Bowls

2012-02-01: Re-doing the Three-Minute Pitch

2012-01-31: I Hope Someone Has Already Built This

2012-01-29: A Browser-Based Programming Tool That's Better Than Many Desktop Tools

2012-01-29: Terminology

2012-01-29: Learners and Their Needs

2012-01-27: Work As Though You Lived in the Early Days of a Better Nation

2012-01-26: Well, That Was Weird

2012-01-26: Never Mind the Content, What About the Format?

2012-01-25: The Big Picture

2012-01-24: 21st Century Textbooks

2012-01-24: Test-Driven Public Speaking

2012-01-24: Take Out Agile, and Add...What?

2012-01-24: Badging

2012-01-23: A Better Solution to the Final Problem

2012-01-23: Welcome to Gravenhurst

2012-01-23: Revising the Curriculum

2012-01-21: We Have Nothing To Give Them

2012-01-20: The First Bootcamp of 2012

2012-01-20: By Any Means Necessary

2012-01-17: Our First Challenges

2012-01-17: A Survey of the Practice of Computational Science

2012-01-15: Why Is This Hard?

2012-01-14: So, Greg, What Are You Up To These Days?

2012-01-12: Ode to Joy on a Punching Bag

2012-01-11: Sloan Foundation Grant to Software Carpentry and Mozilla

2012-01-07: I Have a Cunning Plan (or, Making Money by Doing Good)

2012-01-04: Settings Our Sights a Little Bit Lower