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2013-12-31Tools, Conversations, and Cultures
2013-12-27Catch and Hold
2013-12-25Oxford, One Year On
2013-12-19Andromeda's Advice
2013-12-19So How Is Instructor Training Going?
2013-12-10There Ought to Be a Badge
2013-12-05Two to the Fifth New Instructors
2013-11-29WiSE Bootcamp at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
2013-11-17Thanks from Woods Hole
2013-11-16Citing Us In Your CV
2013-11-16Creating a Forum
2013-11-13Data Science Centers at UCB, UW, and NYU
2013-11-13Women in Tech Workshop at PyData NYC
2013-11-12Report on the PLOS/Mozilla Code Review Pilot
2013-11-10Three Old Men Drinking Tea
2013-11-02Software Carpentry's Scope
2013-10-23A Simple Exercise
2013-10-17You Keep Using That Word
2013-10-17The State of Open Science
2013-10-14Curriculum Design
2013-10-09Enrolment Figures (Fall 2013)
2013-10-08Assuming the Problem
2013-10-04Our Biggest Bootcamp Ever at PyCon 2014
2013-10-04October 2013 Lab Meeting
2013-09-27The Future: Today
2013-09-26Code and Data for the Social Sciences
2013-09-24To Tell You the Truth…
2013-09-24How Much Testing Is Enough?
2013-09-15PyCon 2014 Proposal
2013-09-02Introducing Citation Files
2013-09-02Teaching Librarians at Harvard
2013-08-31How It Should Have Ended
2013-08-30Open Access Button Hackathon is Sept 7-8
2013-08-25Why Open Access?
2013-08-23Instructor Training Statistics
2013-08-23Two Cheers for GitHub
2013-08-23August 2013 Lab Meeting
2013-08-19Bootcamp Questionnaires
2013-08-14Summary of Host Survey
2013-08-13What We Cover in Instructor Training
2013-08-12Offering a New Order
2013-07-26Report on the Indiana Bootcamp
2013-07-20Miscellaneous Videos
2013-07-19The Fourteenth Anniversary
2013-07-19Welcome Our New Instructors
2013-07-18Data Science Workflows
2013-07-17Biological Computing User Stories
2013-07-16Computational Competence for Biologists
2013-07-05WiSE Bootcamp Roundup
2013-07-05Sloan Foundation Proposal Round 2
2013-06-20Software Carpentry: Lessons Learned
2013-06-19The Twelve Bar Blues of Open Science
2013-06-17Salk Institute Feedback
2013-06-13Problems with Pandoc
2013-06-13June 2013 Lab Meeting
2013-06-07Is There Only Room for One Utopia?
2013-06-07Running Bootcamps
2013-05-26What Does Victory Look Like?
2013-05-26What Does Done Look Like?
2013-05-25Our Infrastructure
2013-05-24Where We Are (More or Less)
2013-05-24Planning for the Break
2013-05-17Wrapping Up at UC Davis
2013-05-14A Mention in Science Careers
2013-05-10Git vs. Subversion and Feedback in General
2013-05-03Make It Easier to (Re)use Your Data
2013-05-03More Detailed Feeback from Melbourne
2013-05-02Translucent Badges
2013-05-02A Rational Computing Process: How and Why to Fake It
2013-05-01Merging is the Real Revolution
2013-04-30Pre-Assessment Results
2013-04-29An Update on Cumulative Enrolment
2013-04-24Manchester Once Again
2013-04-19Spreadsheets, Retractions, and Bias
2013-04-07Announcing a Bootcamp for Women in Science and Engineering
2013-03-28That's My Secret, Captain…
2013-03-24Using the IPython Notebook as a Teaching Tool
2013-03-17Testing Image Processing
2013-03-17Cumulative Enrollment
2013-03-15Snowstorms and Blackouts in Virginia
2013-03-12A New Testing Framework for MATLAB
2013-03-05First Round at Lawrence Berkeley
2013-03-01Washington Went Well
2013-03-01Alternative Teaching Models
2013-02-28A Software Carpentry Boot Camp for Women in Science and Engineering
2013-02-15Congratulations to Christian Muise
2013-02-15Wrapping Up in Melbourne
2013-02-14More News from the UK
2013-02-12Partnering with the SSI
2013-02-11UBC Went Well
2013-02-11Correctness Isn't Compelling
2013-02-10Why Don't I Just Go Ahead And Frame That Debate In A Way That Guarantees I'll Win?
2013-02-09The Larch Environment
2013-02-08Macquarie Went Well
2013-02-03The Missing Side of the Triangle
2013-02-03Features and Scope in Open Courseware
2013-02-03A Short Report from Tuebingen
2013-02-01A Bunch of Bootcamps
2013-01-30A Bootcamp at Mozilla
2013-01-30Half a Hundred
2013-01-28Novelty, Efficiency, and Trust
2013-01-23How to Become an Instructor
2013-01-22Record and Playback in the IPython Notebook
2013-01-21Why Web Literacy?
2013-01-11Teaching Commercially
2013-01-09The Last Policeman
2013-01-07Citation, Please
2013-01-04Five Things
2013-01-04Why We Teach
2013-01-04Advice From a Newbie No More