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2014-12-28Projects, Projects, Projects
2014-12-23Welcome Aboard
2014-12-19Interim Steering Committee Meeting: Dec 2, 2014
2014-12-18Standing for Election
2014-12-18All I Want for Christmas is a Pull Request…
2014-12-15Who Are We?
2014-12-13Results of Software Sustainability Institute Survey
2014-12-09Templates: We Live, We Learn
2014-12-05New Accessibility Guidelines
2014-12-03Summarizing the News
2014-12-03Our First Election
2014-12-03Plans for 2015: Lessons
2014-12-03Plans for 2015: Mentorship and Assessment
2014-12-03Plans for 2015: Workshop Organization
2014-12-03Plans for 2015: Instructor Training
2014-12-03Software Carpentry Foundation: Organizational Membership
2014-12-03Software Carpentry Foundation: Governance
2014-12-02What About MOOCs?
2014-12-01Goalposts for the Digital Humanities
2014-11-27How to Manage Confidential Data
2014-11-25Translating Software Carpentry into Korean
2014-11-24Congratulations to Data Carpentry
2014-11-22Instructor Training Stats
2014-11-19The New Instructor Post-Assessment Questionnaire
2014-11-18Interim Board Meeting: Nov 18, 2014
2014-11-18Close Enough for Scientific Work
2014-11-18IP Communism
2014-11-11Why It Matters
2014-11-10Sarah Mei on Software Engineering Research
2014-11-07Amdahl's Law and Software Carpentry
2014-11-06Instructor Training at TGAC
2014-11-06You Should Read Juha Sorva's Thesis
2014-11-05Politics for Current Physicsts
2014-11-04Interim Board Meeting: Nov 4, 2014
2014-11-04A 'Joel Test' for Grassroots Programming Groups
2014-11-03Software Carpentry Foundation: FAQ
2014-10-30Why We Don't Teach Testing (Even Though We'd Like To)
2014-10-29Pandoc and Building Pages
2014-10-28Why Software Matters
2014-10-27Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship Application
2014-10-27Lost in Space
2014-10-27British Library Courses
2014-10-23A New Lesson Template, Version 2
2014-10-22Massuni Kickstarter Has Launched
2014-10-20Beautiful Lessons
2014-10-16Welcome More New Instructors
2014-10-14Interim Board Meeting: Oct 14, 2014
2014-10-14Of Templates and Metadata
2014-10-14A New Template for Lessons
2014-10-08Announcing the Creation of the Software Carpentry Foundation
2014-10-04Congratulations to the Moore Investigators
2014-10-04A New Template for Workshop Websites
2014-10-03Welcome Our New Instructors
2014-10-02A Better Software Engineering Course
2014-09-30Interim Board Meeting: Sep 30, 2014
2014-09-29Splitting the Repository
2014-09-28UCOSP as a Model
2014-09-26September 2014 Lab Meeting Report
2014-09-18A Proposal for Topic Maintainers
2014-09-16Interim Board Meeting: Sep 16, 2014
2014-09-16Mentioned in the Paris Review
2014-09-15Stray Thoughts
2014-09-12Videos from Stanford
2014-09-11What Sciences Are There?
2014-09-10Please Help Trans Tech
2014-09-06An Update on Upcoming Bootcamps
2014-09-04Building Better Teachers
2014-08-30Fall 2014 Bootcamps (So Far)
2014-08-18Conversations About Teaching
2014-08-13News from Australia
2014-08-11Inessential Weirdness in Software Carpentry
2014-07-29Summer Sprint Summary
2014-07-21Summer Sprint FAQ
2014-07-21Using a Package Manager for Lessons and Papers
2014-07-21SciPy 2014 Talks and Lessons
2014-07-05Scientific Groupware Revisited
2014-06-27Summary of June 2014 Lab Meeting
2014-06-27Our IUSE Proposal Was Rejected
2014-06-20Help Us Build an Admin Tool for Bootcamps
2014-06-15An Update on Our Sprint Plans
2014-06-15A Double Handful of Bootcamps
2014-06-09Planning Our Summer Sprint
2014-06-05Introducing Scientists to Testing and Code Review
2014-06-05Collected Links
2014-05-26Announcing Two More WiSE Bootcamps
2014-05-24Summary of May 2014 Lab Meeting
2014-05-20Behind the Scenes
2014-05-20A Lot of Bootcamps in the Works
2014-05-08Knocking on the Future's Door
2014-05-05A Multi-Site Sprint in July
2014-05-05Playing the Kazoo
2014-05-02How to Improve Instructor Training
2014-05-01Wise as Athena…
2014-04-27PyCon 2014 Videos
2014-04-25April 2014 Lab Meeting
2014-04-24Hand Made
2014-04-23Mr. Biczo Was Right
2014-04-23Import Lesson
2014-04-22GSoC Projects for 2014
2014-04-18Changing the Channel
2014-04-16Do Not Be Worried
2014-04-15This Is Why I Don't Write Any More
2014-04-15Summarizing Our Instructors' Skills
2014-04-06Bridging the Writing Gap
2014-04-05Does Continuous Publication Require Continuous Attention?
2014-03-30Announcing NBDiff
2014-03-27One of Our Inspirations
2014-03-27Changing Our Core Curriculum
2014-03-27Building a Minimal Online Presence
2014-03-23Not on the Shelves
2014-03-19Empirical Software Engineering Papers
2014-03-18Our Original Logo
2014-03-14A Letter from John von Neumann
2014-03-14You and Jimi Hendrix
2014-03-14Is Learning at Scale Just Another Name for Ubiquitous Surveillance in the Classroom?
2014-03-14Everything Old is New Again
2014-03-07Anatole France, Updated
2014-03-04A Workshop for Librarians at PyCon
2014-03-04Learn How to Teach People to Program
2014-03-03Summary of Feb 2014 Lab Meeting
2014-03-01Software Carpentry on the CBC
2014-02-25The Open Scoop Challenge
2014-02-21From Training to Engagement
2014-02-19Lessons Learned Has Been Published
2014-02-13Our Biggest Event Ever
2014-02-09An Online Peer Instruction Tool
2014-02-09Wrapping Up Round 7 (and a Reminder About Instructor Training)
2014-01-30Workshops at the Data Science Centers
2014-01-28Workshop for Women in Science and Engineering: April 14-15 at LBL
2014-01-28Workshops at PyCon in Montreal This April
2014-01-28Teaching Online (Sort Of) in 2014
2014-01-24The Other One Per Cent
2014-01-19Why Not a MOOC?
2014-01-15From 0 to 1 to 10
2014-01-15Publishing on the Web
2014-01-14Code Review, Round 2
2014-01-07'Best Practices' Has Been Published
2014-01-07We Need More of These
2014-01-07Mental Models and Vicious Circles