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2015-12-28: Plans for 2016

2015-12-28: Maybe I Actually Am An Engineer

2015-12-26: New Words Needed

2015-12-20: Pushing Ahead in Puget Sound

2015-12-18: Instructor Training Checkout Procedure

2015-12-18: Three Flavors of Instructor Training

2015-12-15: Educational Engineering

2015-12-11: Teaching in Cambridge

2015-12-10: Teaching For Loops

2015-12-06: My Literature Problems

2015-12-06: Just Keep Swimming

2015-12-06: How the Year Went

2015-11-30: Does the Stage Create the Actor?

2015-11-29: Exaptation and the Future of Software Engineering

2015-11-23: How I Handle Email

2015-11-20: Advances

2015-11-20: The Morea Framework

2015-11-16: Catch and Release

2015-11-15: CourseSource: A(nother) New Hope

2015-11-15: Miscellaneous Projects

2015-11-09: Daddy, Why Don't You Ever Laugh?

2015-10-27: Visualizing Repository Activity

2015-10-23: Our Stairs

2015-10-23: Ten Simple Rules for Digital Data Storage

2015-10-17: Journals as Repositories

2015-10-09: Teaching in the Large

2015-10-01: Please Welcome Our New Executive Director

2015-09-30: Citation Format

2015-09-28: Thinking About Teaching

2015-09-26: Plus Ça Change

2015-09-22: Goodbye, Dad

2015-09-16: Software Engineering Practices in Science

2015-09-14: Rebooting Instructor Training

2015-09-13: How Teaching Knowledge Is Transferred

2015-09-06: Unwritten and Undone

2015-09-05: Our Lessons Have Now Been Published

2015-09-01: Better Teaching Practices

2015-08-31: Three Graphs I Would Like to See

2015-08-21: Feedback on Math with Python for Undergraduates

2015-08-16: Prepping for the Python Lesson

2015-08-14: Checking What We Teach

2015-08-13: Data Carpentry Receives Grant from the Moore Foundation

2015-08-12: Publishing, Metadata, and Being Ahead of the Curve

2015-07-24: A Hostage Situation

2015-07-23: WiSE Workshop at UC Davis Aug 17-18

2015-07-23: A Pair of Workshops

2015-07-20: Welcome Maneesha and Katarzyna

2015-07-20: Changes to Workshop Administration Fees

2015-07-20: Git as GOTO

2015-07-18: Top 10 Myths about Teaching CS

2015-07-06: Hiring a New Executive Director for Software Carpentry

2015-07-06: Our Next Big Step

2015-07-01: Pushing Back

2015-06-29: What is a Research Software Engineer?

2015-06-26: Training Lessons

2015-06-24: Using Jekyll for Lessons

2015-06-23: Another Good Workshop in Brazil

2015-06-21: Splitting the Shell Window

2015-06-21: Recycling Training Course Material

2015-06-21: Research-Based Course Design

2015-06-19: Their Names Were

2015-06-18: Adding a Lesson on Make

2015-06-18: Why I Am Not Excited About Julia

2015-06-18: Software Development Practices in Academia

2015-06-17: Get More Done in Less Time

2015-06-15: Updating the Project List

2015-06-14: Where the Time Goes (Version 2)

2015-06-14: Routinely Unique

2015-06-14: Reverse Engineering CSS

2015-06-13: Eroded Away

2015-06-12: Warming Up for Version 5.4

2015-06-12: Learning in Both Directions

2015-06-11: Why We Can't Have Nice Things

2015-06-10: Ursula Le Guin on Capitalism

2015-06-09: People You Don't Want On Your Team

2015-06-07: An Update on Publishing Our Lessons

2015-06-07: Updating the Lesson Template

2015-06-03: Teaching Biocomputing at UT

2015-05-25: A Few Articles on Education

2015-05-24: ICSE 2015

2015-05-22: Coding for Librarians

2015-05-21: Experiences with Geoscientists

2015-05-19: Online Instructor Training Revisited

2015-05-16: New Members of the Team

2015-05-02: Selling Hope

2015-04-25: Ada Initiative's Ally Skills Workshop

2015-04-25: Van Lindberg's Keynote: Say Thanks

2015-04-22: The Paradox of Learning Objects

2015-04-21: Learning in Both Directions

2015-04-17: Library Carpentry

2015-04-17: Close Enough Redux

2015-04-17: Publishing Our Lessons

2015-04-15: Quality Is Free - Getting There Isn't

2015-04-13: The Future Then and Now

2015-04-13: Good Enough Practices in Scientific Computing

2015-04-11: A Project Inception Deck for Research Coding

2015-04-03: April 2015 Lab Meeting

2015-03-17: And Now We Are Three

2015-03-15: Teaching Tips

2015-03-12: Goodbye, Terry

2015-03-11: What's In Your Bag?

2015-03-02: Adding a Contributor Covenant

2015-03-02: Ten More Instructors

2015-02-28: Eleven New Instructors

2015-02-27: Wrong Is Useful: Lessons as Packages

2015-02-27: Improving Instruction

2015-02-12: Online Scientific Collaboration: The Sequel

2015-02-12: NeSI Becomes Software Carpentry Affiliate

2015-02-11: 2015 Post-workshop Instructor Debriefing, Round 3

2015-02-09: Plot This

2015-02-08: Scientific Coding vs. Software Engineering

2015-02-03: Welcome Our Newest Instructors

2015-02-03: Open Access and Computer Science

2015-02-03: University of Washington Becomes Software Carpentry Partner

2015-02-02: iPlant Becomes Software Carpentry Affiliate

2015-02-02: Lab for Data Intensive Biology at UC Davis Joins Software Carpentry as an Affiliate

2015-02-02: Nouns and Verbs

2015-02-02: Our First Workshop in South Korea

2015-02-02: Workshops in March at Lawrence Berkeley Lab

2015-01-31: Announcing 2015 Steering Committee

2015-01-30: Interim Steering Committee Meeting: Dec 16, 2014

2015-01-24: The Other Ninety Percent

2015-01-24: Welcome Our First New Instructors of 2015

2015-01-22: University College London Becomes Software Carpentry Affiliate

2015-01-22: Improving the Balance

2015-01-17: Orwell, Dickens, and How We'll Know We're Done

2015-01-14: Language Wars and Others

2015-01-14: Practical Computing for Biologists (and Other Scientists)

2015-01-13: Thanks to RStudio

2015-01-12: Instructor Training at UC Davis

2015-01-05: 2015 Election Nominations

2015-01-05: Cathedrals, Bazaars, and In Between

2015-01-04: The Future and Funding of Science

2015-01-02: Books You May Enjoy

2015-01-01: Things I Won't Do This Year

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