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2016-12-242016 in Review
2016-12-14Next Steps
2016-11-19Open Instructor Training
2016-11-13Stuff That Actually Matters
2016-11-09They Would Both Have Had Things to Say
2016-11-01A Reproducibility Reading List
2016-10-30Close Cousins
2016-10-29The Rest Is Yet To Come
2016-10-23Programming as Theory Building
2016-10-22Library Carpentry is One Year Old
2016-10-20Ten Simple Rules for Digital Data Storage
2016-10-19Given Infinite Minions
2016-10-17Machine Learning with Python
2016-10-11In Memoriam: Hans Petter Langtangen
2016-10-10Beth Duckles on the Practice of Measuring
2016-10-05Request for Review: ESIP's Software Guidelines
2016-10-04And Now There Are Three
2016-10-04Congratulations to Our New Instructor Trainers
2016-10-04Python as a Second Language
2016-09-30Two Studies of Online Communities
2016-09-29Epistocracy as Privilege
2016-09-27The Markov Test
2016-09-27Terrified Sheep
2016-09-23Teaching Programming to the Blind
2016-09-21What I Wish I'd Read
2016-09-18Show Me Your Model
2016-09-12Collaborative Choral Software Exegesis
2016-09-10Slides for Two Talks Online
2016-09-10The Discussion Book
2016-09-05Small Teaching
2016-09-05We Still Can't Have Nice Things Together
2016-08-26What I Didn't Learn in a CS Degree
2016-08-19Ten Ways to Turn Off Learners
2016-08-04Not Much of a Conversation
2016-08-04Etsy for Teaching
2016-08-02Data Carpentry's New Deputy Director of Assessment
2016-08-02How Well Do Developers Understand Open Source Licenses?
2016-08-02Seymour Papert 1928-2016
2016-08-02Heuristic Evaluation for Novice Programming Systems
2016-07-30Library Carpentry in Toronto
2016-07-26More on Instructor Training
2016-07-25Reopening Instructor Training
2016-07-19Publishing Our Lessons, Version 2016.06
2016-07-19Lesson Incubation
2016-07-12500 Lines
2016-07-05Instructor Training Completion Times
2016-06-21In That Dawn
2016-06-10The Superbug in Education
2016-05-31Further Analysis of Instructor Training Data
2016-05-20First Analysis of Instructor Training Data
2016-05-19Get Better But Not Change
2016-05-18Looking for a Model
2016-05-10Accident or Malice
2016-04-29Why Teachers Don't Collaborate on Lesson Development
2016-04-29Summarizing Our Lesson Discussion Sessions
2016-04-24Questions, Answers, and Lessons
2016-04-10Designing a New Novice Python Lesson
2016-04-09For Some Value of 'Just'
2016-04-08Trying to Find a Form
2016-04-01Zen and the Art of Assignment Operators
2016-03-19Continuous Installation Checking
2016-03-17New Maintainers
2016-03-13In My Better World
2016-03-05Complexity vs. Subtlety
2016-02-25A Modest Proposal
2016-02-24Books Away
2016-02-19More of a Difference Than You Realize
2016-02-17Building Software, Building Community: Lessons from the rOpenSci Project
2016-02-16Checking the Balance
2016-02-16Our New Instructor Pipeline
2016-02-16A Counterpoint to Collaborative Lesson Design
2016-02-15Designing Lessons Collaboratively
2016-02-07Come a Long Way, Got a Long Way to Go
2016-02-02Two Pages of Evidence
2016-02-02Active Workshops
2016-01-29Elsewhere on the Web
2016-01-28A New Version of 'Lessons Learned'
2016-01-21Our Introduction to Git Has Been Published
2016-01-1518 Months of Progress
2016-01-13A New Book from Mark Guzdial
2016-01-09Good Communities (Kinds Of)
2016-01-09What the Data Says About Novice Programming Mistakes
2016-01-09Change Strategies in STEM Education
2016-01-03Lessons as Lab Protocols
2016-01-03A Data Programming CS1 Course at the University of Washington