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2017-12-30The Year in Review
2017-12-30Wanted: A Workable Lesson Competition
2017-12-27Data Visualization as Industrial Design
2017-12-27Wanted: Books on How to Teach Computing
2017-12-27Explanation-Oriented Programming
2017-12-24Petzold's Rules Revisited
2017-12-23All the Other Santas
2017-12-23Holiday Reads
2017-12-21Ten Simple Rules for Talking People Into Things
2017-12-17Consider the Bicycle
2017-12-17Teaching for Learning
2017-12-15What Does Peripheral Participation in Data Look Like?
2017-12-06The New Standard Model
2017-12-06Second Edition of 'How to Teach Programming (and Other Things)'
2017-11-28My Favorite Tool - Asking for Help
2017-11-24Common Misconceptions
2017-11-22Diff and Merge for ProseMirror
2017-11-20Data Science for Software Development
2017-11-17Freakonomics, But For Good
2017-11-11Not on the Shelves: 20th Anniversary Edition
2017-11-11Remembrance Day
2017-11-05Carpentry For Everyone
2017-11-05Teaching Tech Together Meetup on Nov 14
2017-11-04Books for Programmers
2017-11-02Once Upon a Time
2017-11-01I'm Probably Wrong Again
2017-10-21Making Maintainable Lessons
2017-10-21Change Strategies
2017-10-16Exercises for Teaching Programming
2017-10-08Discovery: Three and Out
2017-09-30The Big Picture Revisited
2017-09-30Git, Graphs, and Software Engineering
2017-09-24I'm Tired of Killing Aliens
2017-09-21Dad With His Birdhouses
2017-09-18Disappearing Data
2017-09-13Long Thoughts
2017-09-08Bridge and Evolution
2017-08-01MSR Books
2017-07-21Too Soon and From Unexpected Directions
2017-07-20Hunter S. Thompson, Football, and the GOP
2017-07-01Heaven Must Be Empty
2017-06-22Good Enough Practices in Scientific Computing
2017-06-19Ten Simple Rules for Being a Good Research Partner
2017-06-12Say Their Names
2017-05-31How to Teach Programming (And Other Things)
2017-05-22Numerical JavaScript
2017-04-30Still Waiting
2017-02-25Ordering Jekyll Collections
2017-02-18Resignation from Shopify
2017-02-06A Moral Equivalent of the Turing Test
2017-01-25Stand with Government Scientists
2017-01-08Pennies for Understanding
2017-01-06Them That's Got
2017-01-03Rubric for Open Instructor Training