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2018-12-31How Feasible is a Harassment Canary?
2018-12-30Harper: Lesson Discovery and Aggregation
2018-12-29Data Wrangling with JavaScript
2018-12-27Use Case Maps Revisited
2018-12-26Poor Thinking
2018-12-24Be Grateful for the Present You Got
2018-12-24Off Twitter
2018-12-20PETE, PRIMM, and Monsters
2018-12-19Fourteen Percent and a Change of Direction
2018-12-17Thirteen Percent and Counting
2018-12-16Speaking of Accessibility
2018-12-14No Straight Pipeline
2018-12-13A Story Line Game for Teaching
2018-12-12JavaScript versus Data Science
2018-12-12Twelve Percent of a Plan
2018-12-08The Third Wall
2018-12-06Three Courses
2018-12-06Analyze That! Very Preliminary Results
2018-12-05Teaching Workshop on March 2, 2019
2018-12-02One Last Step
2018-12-02OER Landmines
2018-12-02Learning from McMaster
2018-11-30Lesson Installation
2018-11-29Teaching as a Telenovela
2018-11-28My To-Don't List
2018-11-28Augmenting Error Messages
2018-11-24Afraid of Change
2018-11-16Non-Standard Evaluation in R
2018-11-15The Real Open Challenges
2018-11-09Building Powerful Community Organizations
2018-11-05Abstraction and Comprehension Continued
2018-11-03Abstraction and Comprehension
2018-11-01Twelve Questions
2018-10-31Credit and Respect
2018-10-26Formatting Functions
2018-10-25Amazon Makes Me Sad
2018-10-24Two Columns
2018-10-19Writing Fiction
2018-10-18Four Forms of Documentation
2018-10-06Flake and Collins, Mark and Jack and Tobi
2018-09-18Teaching Ethics
2018-09-16What Works for Women at Work
2018-09-16Ten Simple Rules for Creating an Effective Lesson
2018-09-05Analyze That!
2018-09-04Two Courses
2018-09-04Joining RStudio
2018-08-31High and Low, One by One or All Together
2018-08-28Two Abstracts for Two Audiences
2018-08-18Ten Simple Rules for Creating an Effective Lesson
2018-08-14Our Last Game
2018-08-12The Real Challenge
2018-08-07Three Terms
2018-07-21Weak Failure, Strong Failure, and Butter Tarts
2018-07-17Link Rot
2018-07-15Teaching Tech Together
2018-07-05Performance Curves, Curriculum Design, and Trust Revisited
2018-07-05Isaac Ezer's Dragnet
2018-06-20End-User Teachers
2018-06-14One-Day Workshops
2018-05-30Late Night Thoughts
2018-05-13Rules for Teaching
2018-05-06Cigarettes and Shopify
2018-04-30GSoC 2018
2018-04-28Version 3 Feedback
2018-04-12Is This a Notional Machine for Python?
2018-04-01The Undergraduate Software Project Guide
2018-03-26The Senior Professor's Handbook
2018-03-24Analog is More Satisfying
2018-03-24Grand Unified Editor Theory
2018-03-23Where Does This Come From?
2018-03-20Goodbye, Jeff
2018-03-20Comments Sought on the Plan for Version 3 of 'How to Teach Programming'
2018-03-17I Can't (Quite) Teach JavaScript
2018-03-16Seven Ways to Think Like a Programmer
2018-03-13A Base Case for Empirical Software Engineering Research
2018-03-11Wanted: A Tool for Figure Labeling Exercises
2018-03-03Collaborative Lesson Development
2018-02-28Workshop on Organizing for Progressive Community Change
2018-02-27I'm Missing
2018-02-18Teaching Programming in the Wild
2018-02-14'Analyze This!' for CS Education
2018-02-13Workshop Benefits
2018-02-12More Dagstuhl
2018-02-10My Dagstuhl
2018-02-04CarpentryCon 2018
2018-01-26Assessing Competence
2018-01-15Procedural versus Declarative
2018-01-15Ten Simple Rules for Being a Good Educational Research Partner
2018-01-13Educational Bibliography
2018-01-09Teaching Statistics in the 21st Century
2018-01-07Book Club
2018-01-03Teaching Tech Together Toronto: January 2018 Meetup