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2019-12-30Method, Motive, and Opportunity
2019-12-23Gini Coefficients
2019-12-23Empirical Examples
2019-12-17Measuring Software Tools
2019-12-13Synchronous Online Active Classes
2019-11-25How I Teach Today
2019-11-19Allocating Responsibilities
2019-11-19Cutting Corners
2019-11-19Team Conflict
2019-11-13Night Watch
2019-11-13Gage Park
2019-11-05Power is Always Suspicious of Fun
2019-11-03Ten Simple Rules That Are Missing
2019-10-30First Do No Harm
2019-10-25Teaching Tech Together Is Out
2019-10-25In Bloom
2019-10-17So You've Been Fired
2019-10-17Timeline of a Conversation That Never Happened
2019-09-27Managing a Queue of Learners
2019-09-13Wind Chimes in the Rain
2019-09-05How Do You Tell?
2019-09-04TidyBlocks Webinar
2019-08-22Finally Real
2019-08-20Riding at Night
2019-08-14It Feels Good to be Useful
2019-08-14Research This!
2019-08-08Documentation Types
2019-08-06RIP Toni Morrison
2019-08-05Computational Science Education (1996 edition)
2019-08-04No Support for Hate
2019-08-03Teaching Online
2019-07-27Doing Good and Getting Paid
2019-07-22Third Walls and Eighth Bolts
2019-07-15Is This a Notional Machine for R?
2019-07-07A Veteran of a Thousand Language Wars
2019-07-07Deskilling Learning
2019-07-05Patterns in Git
2019-07-05A Modest Proposal
2019-06-27Who I've Cited
2019-06-24Chapter Summaries
2019-06-23An Index
2019-06-19Feature Complete
2019-06-16Chunks versus Functions
2019-06-15Ten Quick Tips for Delivering a Programming Lesson
2019-06-14Software Isn't Sustainable
2019-06-13Martha's Rules
2019-06-06ICER Acceptance
2019-05-30Software Engineering Revisited
2019-05-28Checking-Driven Development
2019-05-26Active Teaching
2019-05-26LaTeX, Biber, and Pandoc
2019-05-24Words and Hours
2019-05-23Bottle of Light
2019-05-20Simon Charlie Made This
2019-05-19And Then Another
2019-05-13Buzzfeed on DataCamp
2019-05-11Positive and Negative Openness
2019-05-04In the Classroom
2019-05-03Shorter Lines
2019-05-02Sexing Data Science Chickens
2019-04-29R in the Browser
2019-04-27From Textbooks to Notebooks and Back
2019-04-24Ten Quick Tips for Reviewing Lessons
2019-04-22DataCamp Clarifications
2019-04-22Already Mostly There
2019-04-20Leading Questions for Creating a Learning Commons
2019-04-17Learning Curves
2019-04-16What Docs When
2019-04-15An Exchange with DataCamp
2019-04-14The People You Have
2019-04-12Ten Quick Tips for Creating an Effective Lesson
2019-04-12Python Flash Cards
2019-04-10What Docs and When
2019-04-05The Worst Behavior
2019-04-04Not a Hammer
2019-04-03All the Roadrunning
2019-03-31What I Didn't Tweet in March
2019-03-31Concept Maps
2019-03-30Online Teaching Setup
2019-03-30Curriculum Roadmap
2019-03-27You Should Talk to HR
2019-03-21Twelve Weeks, Twelve Tools
2019-03-20Educational Paramedics
2019-03-15Christchurch and Shopify
2019-03-14Keep Me In Your Heart for a While
2019-03-12Reviewing Lessons
2019-03-10The Tool I Want
2019-03-07Learning to Program
2019-02-28Things I Didn't Tweet This Month
2019-02-25Making It Work in Practice
2019-02-20Is Code-Along Formative Assessment?
2019-02-16Late Binding
2019-02-11Examples Wanted for Code Review
2019-02-05Libraries Tell It Like It Is
2019-02-04Classifying Data
2019-01-31Things I Didn't Tweet This Month
2019-01-30Why I Teach (Revisited)
2019-01-28Computing Skills Books for Researchers
2019-01-26The Elements of Programming Writing Style
2019-01-24The Principle of Least Precision
2019-01-10Leadership Training for Open Science
2019-01-06Not on the Shelves (2019 Edition)